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Debunking SEO Myths

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) can be a powerful way to boost your website—and your company’s—visibility. With SEO, independent home improvement operators can solidify their online presence and expand their customer base day by day, click by click.

Learn more about a few common SEO myths to avoid as you strategize an SEO plan for your business. For more information on the ways SEO can strengthen your business, check out the May issue of Hardware Retailing.

MYTH: SEO requires a one-time setup.

False. The ways SEO is measured are constantly shifting. Google updates its ranking algorithm regularly, so optimizing your website once is no guarantee that your SEO strategy will have legs in the future. It’s important for business owners to see SEO not as a one-time project, but an ongoing, essential part of maintaining their web presence.

MYTH: You have to have a programming background to execute SEO.

Not true. While there are some SEO techniques that can be best accomplished by programmers, there are numerous steps people can take without a background in information technology. From writing clear page titles to introducing original, informative text onto their website, some of the most effective SEO strategies can be done by anyone with an internet connection.

MYTH: To rank highly on search engines, all I need to do is introduce my keyword as often as possible.

Wrong. This tactic is referred to as “keyword stuffing” and can actually do much more harm than good. According to online advertising firm Wordstream, keyword stuffing can cause your page to be ranked lower by search engines. Even if you stuff your keyword into a website, the effect is so off-putting for many readers that they are unlikely to take your website seriously when they notice the keyword stuffing.

MYTH: SEO can replace my marketing strategy.

No. SEO has the potential to complement your marketing strategy, but it should not replace it entirely. There are numerous reasons why a business owner would want to implement a strong SEO strategy, but it can’t take the place of an effective marketing campaign that aims to deepen your community roots and boost sales.

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