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Create Digital Leads the Easy Way With Pointy

Pointy, an NRHA business services partner, can help you strengthen your online presence with each and every sale you make.

By connecting to your barcode scanner and POS system, Pointy technology captures each item you sell or scan so it appears in a specialized Google listing, giving you a new, easy way to promote your in-store products on the internet. 

That information is integrated into Google’s “See What’s in Store” feature, which gives online customers a quick look at the products you carry. In addition, the company’s software gives you real-time analytics to see how your products are doing online. This information allows you to compare online searches to in-store visits, a powerful metric that can help your future marketing efforts.

NRHA is offering independent home improvement retailers a special rate for the Pointy system: a one-time-only fee of $399 (regularly $899). There are no recurring charges; with one payment, your business can streamline online opportunities with every transaction.

To learn more about how Pointy can help your operation boost your online presence, click here. 

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