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Consumers Still Like Benefits Of In-Store Shopping

Consumers want their shopping experiences to be efficient, convenient and enjoyable — and while Internet stores offer them many benefits, they know physical stores still do, too.

PwC’s international Total Retail Survey notes that the top three reasons worldwide that consumers make in-store purchases are not replicable by online stores.

Customers like to shop in a brick-and-mortar store so they can touch the merchandise, take home the product immediately and be more certain about the fit or suitability of their purchase, the study shows.

PwC surveyed more than 19,000 people in more than 19 countries, and found that 36 percent of the respondents visit a physical store weekly and 41 percent shop online every week.

In past years, an important trend has been customers visiting brick-and-mortar stores and then purchasing the products online, a technique called showrooming. About 68 percent of shoppers showroom, the PwC study shows.

However, the study reveals the opposite is just as likely. About 70 percent of respondents say they had browsed for products online, and then visited a physical store to make their purchases.

Brick-and-mortar operations need to capitalize on and market the advantages they offer  over the online shopping experience.

“As online shopping continues to grow at the expense of store visits, the premium in the future will be on creating unique, brand-defining experiences that keep customers coming back – whatever the channel,” PwC says.

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