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Choice Charcuterie Board Supplies

With summer right around the corner, customers are breaking out their charcuterie board supplies for picnics and outdoor wine tastings. Charcuterie boards gained popularity at the height of the pandemic and have been trending ever since. Consider stocking charcuterie board supplies together on an endcap to show customers all the products they need to enjoy their own charcuterie picnic. 

Board. The most important aspect, charcuterie boards come in all shapes, sizes and materials. A classic option with a twist is HHXRISE’s Large Natural Bamboo Cutting Board With Handle, which is mobile, features a built-in juice groove to prevent seepage onto the counter and has three built-in separate compartments. Bamboo is a popular material option as it is sustainable, antimicrobial (which prevents cross-contamination) and is easy on knife blades, preventing knives from dulling. A unique board option to stock for your customers is Uncommon Goods’ Recycled Wine Bottle Platter with Spreader. Crafted out of recycled bottles by Val Huegerich, this charcuterie board is sustainable and innovative. 

Little containers. Many large charcuterie boards require fun bowls to contain spreads, dips or nuts. LOABuffet’s Set of 12 River Water Mini Bowls is a great earthy option to add a pop of color to your customers’ charcuterie boards. A more evergreen option are these Small Handmade Wood Rainbow Bowls, which are made by HandcraftedbyNoah and available for purchase on Etsy.  

Serving utensils. It is difficult to enjoy a charcuterie board without serving utensils. +Coop’s Gold Mini Spoon and Matte Gold Cheese Knives are chic and simple options to stock for your customers. New Hampshire Bowl & Board’s Honey Dipper is essential for customers looking to up their charcuterie board game.  

For customers looking for a simple charcuterie board purchasing experience, stock Smirly’s Cheese Board and Knife Charcuterie Board Set which includes six forks, two ceramic sauce bowls, four knives/serving utensils and everything else needed for an exemplary charcuterie board. Include wax paper in your merchandising to show customers how they can create a customizable surface where they can write descriptions of the food on the board; this practice also results in easy clean-up. Lastly, if your store sells any local consumables, make sure to place those products near your charcuterie board supplies to boost sales and assist your customers in adding a unique element to their board.

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