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What to Stock for First-Time Tool Buyers

tool bag

For many homeowners, getting their first toolkit is a right of passage. Having tools like hammers, drills and basic painting supplies is essential to making sure homeowners can fix basic problems around their homes. Stocking the right items is an …

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4 Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

Kitchen Design

Houzz, an online design forum, released its 2024 U.S. Kitchen Trend Study after surveying over 3,400 homeowners on their recent or planned kitchen renovations. The trends Houzz see coming this year range from using nontraditional colors to high-tech appliances to …

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4 Holiday Design Trends for 2023

4 Holiday Design Trends for 2024

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means consumers flocking to local stores to check out the latest trends in holiday decor. Consumers who celebrate winter holidays are expected to spend an average of $875 on gifts, decorations, …

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Make-a-Statement Wallpapers


Bringing color, pattern and personalization into the home with bold wallpapers popular with homeowners. Stay on top of this trend by stocking these striking options. Textured From Graham & Brown, the Crocodile Black Wallpaper feels like the skin of a …

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Bring Accessibility Home


While you ensure your store is compliant and accessible, you can take that help one step farther by offering products that customers can use to make their home more accessible. These products take any space in the home—kitchens, bathrooms and …

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Hands-Free Hits the Home

smart home

In our ever-evolving tech world, voice assistants and smart devices have become must-haves in our homes to help with everything from knowing the day’s weather to turning on our lights to starting our robot vacuums. Consumers are looking for those …

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Using Chalk Paint to Bring Furniture to Life

chalk paint

As the U.S. faces a possible recession and consumers look for more ways to save money, many homeowners will turn to secondhand shopping and updating pieces they already have to outfit and decorate their homes. According to Statista, about 57% …

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Pet Toys That Are Mother-Nature Approved

When it comes to pet toys, you don’t have to harm the earth for your furry friends to have fun. According to the Kind Pet, an estimated 634 million dog toys end up in U.S. landfills per year—equivalent to 40,500 …

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