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3 Ways to Bring In Holiday Shoppers

There are just a few shopping days left before Christmas. Want to bring those-last minutes shoppers into your store? Here are three ideas to try:

Gift Sets

People love prepackaged gifts around the holidays, as they make good host gifts and are quick grabs when they are already in the store for essentials. Find products that are often sold together to create ready-to-go gift sets for last-minute holiday shoppers.

  • Bundle garden gloves, a trowel and seed packets into a planter for a gardener’s favorite gift.
  • Merchandise gift sets alongside big-ticket items to encourage a larger per-ticket average. Put together a grilling gift set that includes items like tongs, a meat thermometer and lighter fluid, and stack them next to your grill display on the salesfloor.
  • Even if you don’t physically bundle items together, offer a discount on related seasonal items, such as 10 percent off road salt or gloves when a customer purchases a snow shovel.

Free Gift Wrapping

Wrapping presents is just one more chore people don’t need during the holidays. If you have the space on your salesfloor to set up a table, offering free gift wrapping can be a great time saving-promotion for customers who have a lot on their plates. Offer gift wrapping for purchases over a certain dollar amount or on a certain day (Ladies Night) so customers can shop while someone else wraps their gifts. Team up with a local scout troop or community group for extra ribbon-holding fingers.

One-Day Sale

Last-minute sales provide great incentives for people who are still searching for the perfect gift. Choose one item to put on sale each day until Christmas. Promote the sales on social media or on your outdoor sign to get the word out, especially if you don’t have time to add the sales to next week’s ad.

Consider these methods to compound the interest in each day’s sale.

  • Add in extra incentives by offering a deeper discount for shoppers who mention the social media post or show they follow you on social media.
  • Offer a discount or companion item to customers who come in multiple days and show their receipt from a previous day’s sale.
  • Rely on word-of-mouth advertising and offer a discount or special gift to people who bring a friend.

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