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Three Trends in E-Commerce

According to David Meany, vice president of e-commerce at Orgill, Inc., there are three major trends that you should embrace when it comes to e-commerce: The most important is the mobility. Consumers expect to find your business on the web, …

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SPONSORED: Pricing in Today’s Retail Sphere

Zone pricing at the big boxes continues to be one of the biggest challenges for independent retailers in terms of determining a profitable pricing strategy that will work for their stores. The motivations behind why the big boxes are opting …

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SPONSORED: Training Your Team

Do you know what the single most effective thing you can do to have a positive long-term impact on the success of your business? The answer may surprise you and it is the same regardless of where you are located, …

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SPONSORED: A New Way to Look at Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning has its roots in several cultures around the world and was a necessity in cold climates as coal became the prominent source of heat. As homes were scoured of filthy coal dust each spring, the practice became a …

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