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5 Ways to Enhance Your Store’s Social Media Presence

Whether you are a social media maverick or beginning a path to building your own digital community, it is important to learn the “rules of conduct” when promoting your business using social platforms. Here are five ways to make the most out of your business’s social media accounts.

Put your ear to the ground and listen. There are a lot of conversations happening in social media, and there is a high chance they are discussing your company or the topics that affect your business. Take the time to listen to what is being said and target your messages accordingly.

Be a person, not a billboard. They don’t call it social media for nothing. The best part of participating in the social spectrum is the ability to build a conversation and community around your business. Share upcoming events and photos and videos of what your business stands for. Talk to your community and establish authority by offering relevant information and topics.

Celebrate with a slice of humble pie. It’s great to celebrate major milestones in your business, but share the wealth. Seek out your community’s personal and professional successes and become their biggest cheerleaders. Acknowledging the accomplishments of those in your social network is the most important part of building your online community.

Become multi-dimensional. Broadcast different messages across multi-social platforms, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Both of these networks are vital, yet different components in the social media formula. By utilizing each application’s best features you will be able to broaden your messages effectively to users across the board. For example, use Twitter to announce and link your upcoming event to your website, then Facebook to feature photographs and videos of past events and to invite guests.

Be consistent. As with all relationships, social media interactions are important to mold and nurture over time. Constant engagement, fresh content and conversation are necessary to successfully build your social community. Try to set realistic and clear goals of what you want to accomplish with your social media program and stick with it.

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