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Small Business Marketing

5 Small Business Marketing Tips

Small business marketing can help you develop and support the brand of your operation. Forbes recently published a list of five quick tips to manage small business marketing, and these pointers can be applied to any independent home improvement operation.

Here is an overview of the advice from Forbes and how you can apply it to your store.

  • Learn from competitors. Research what other home improvement retailers are doing— especially the big-box chains. Download apps, read their marketing newsletters and visit their stores. “Their tactics might work for you, especially since you are trying to attract the same customers,” the Forbes article says.
  • Get testimonials. If your customers praise your store or your service at the checkout, in the aisle or when you’re helping them load mulch, then ask if they would be willing to send that praise in an email for you to use on social media or in advertising. “You can attract more customers by getting reviews from people who have already purchased from you,” Forbes says.
  • Update social media. Social media is a great place for home improvement retailers to share information about sales and new products, as well as connect with customers and community members. Providing regular content helps increase your reach online, or how many people see your posts. “Frequent posts keep you in front of customers’ faces,” Forbes says.
  • Get Out of the Store. After you connect with people in your community on social media, spend time with them face to face in the real world outside of your retail space. Engage with local small business organizations and volunteer wearing your company shirt so your customers can see you are committed to local causes. “You have to go out to where your customers are instead of waiting for them to come to you,” the Forbes article says.
  • Become an expert. Many customers come to you because of your expertise on all things home improvement. To continue enhancing your knowledge and educating your staff, access training resources through the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA). “Attend [local interest group meetings] to network, find customers and show off your expertise,” Forbes says.

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