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5 Grip Assistants That Add Comfort

Grip assistants come in handy for DIYers and pros alike. Whether it’s to reduce hand fatigue during extended paint jobs, or to relieve stress on hands and wrists that may have mobility issues due to injury or arthritis, painting accessories with ergonomic designs can go a long way to make the task of painting easier on the painter. 

In general, grip assistants are available in two classes: integrated and add-on. Integrated ergonomic grips come in a variety of styles such as thumb and index finger grips, pistol grips, and comfort-grip handles. Here are a few examples: 

Shortcut® Paint Brush: From Wooster® Brush Company, this short, flexible Shergrip® handled brush is comfortable to hold between the thumb and index finger and adds to ease of maneuverability for painting in tight spaces. 

FreeForm™ Grip-Free Paint Brush: The pistol grip with top brace design of this paintbrush allows for greater control and precision while reducing fatigue and pain. The Freeform brush is available in 1 ½ inch, 2 inch, 2 ½ inch, and 3 inch widths.

Revolution™ 9” Frames: This roller cage from Purdy comes with a comfort grip handle to help reduce arm fatigue. The frame is lightweight and features easy roller cover release. Also available in a 12-inch frame.

For the most part, integrated ergonomic handles have become the industry standard in the painting category. Add-on handles are available, but they are designed for use across many tasks. Examples include:

PETA Easi-Grip Add-On Handles®: These comfort handles can be applied to many standard tools without having to replace them for ergonomic options. Adding the handles to tools will make them more comfortable for users with weak grips or weak wrists. Adding handles to a pole extension can also reduce bending while providing more control. 

Re-grip®: This diverse product can be installed on a variety of tools, levers, construction equipment and paintbrushes. Re-grip tubes come in three sizes and shrink to firmly adhere to handles. Re-grip can be added to ergonomic handles with worn out grips or handles that are hard and uncomfortable. 

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