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3 Smart Locks for Greater Security

No one wants to be a victim of theft, but whether it’s keeping track of a key or trying to remember a combination, using standard padlocks can be a bit cumbersome. That’s where smart lock technology comes in.

The range of smart products continues to grow every year as more consumers seek to simplify their lives by incorporating technology into their daily routines. The ability to control or access certain functions, such as adjusting the temperature of a thermostat or turning lights on or off, through the use of an ever-present smartphone has great appeal, especially among the younger, tech-driven generations. Smart padlocks are no different.

Smart padlocks can be used for a number of applications, from keeping unauthorized individuals out of a storage shed, to securing a bicycle when running errands downtown. Even home deliveries can be protected from potential porch pirates with products like:

BoxLock can be used in conjunction with multiple home delivery software, allowing delivery personnel to scan package labels to unlock porch containers and place packages securely inside.

Igloohome™ Padlock can be opened via Bluetooth or via the integrated keypad and allows access for one or multiple people on permanent, temporary, or one-time basis.

Tapplock can use not only Bluetooth via the app but can be opened using user-stored fingerprints or a Morse-code based combination. 

Other bonuses for many of these smart locks are their long battery life on one charge (some up to 7,000 hours), and their resistance to inclement weather, however, not all are meant for heavy outdoor use. When discussing these locks with consumers, make certain that end-use is determined so the consumer gets the best lock for their particular application.

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