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3 Paint Additives for Improved Safety

With the advancement of technology and the growing awareness of health and environmental considerations, stocking paint additives can provide additional safety features to your customers. Discover three noteworthy paint additives to add to your offering to provide enhanced safety features.

Fire Retardant
Walla Walla Environmental’s Flame Guard Liquid is a revolutionary fire retardant additive. It mixes with most acrylic latex coatings to create a Class A flame retardant paint film on interior surfaces of non-flammable substrates. Flame Guard Liquid is designed to slow the flame spread on a treated surface when added to the coating. Flame Guard Liquid is for interior use only and is designed to slow the flame spread of the coating on a non-flammable substrate. Once applied, it makes the paint film fire retardant.

Flamecheck M-111PA is a fire-retardant paint additive for latex paint with a Class A fire rating. Flamecheck M-111PA is a water-based fire-retardant treatment that is nontoxic, noncorrosive, non-bioavailable, nonallergenic, non-odorous when dry and environmentally friendly. Can be used for both Interior and Exterior-grade latex paints.

RockSolid® Professional Anti-Skid Additive adds texture and creates a slip-resistant surface. It provides increased safety, is barefoot friendly and is extremely durable.

Homax® Tread-Tex®Anti-Skid Paint Additive is a fine aggregate material that can be added to any floor paint to provide a skid-resistant surface. Tread-Tex can be used on interior or exterior surfaces where slipping is likely to occur. The 16-ounce bag mixes with one gallon of paint.

Paint Hardener
Rustoleum’s KRUD KUTTER Waste Paint Hardener turns liquid paint solid in minutes. It is great for latex paint or colorant spills and disposal.

M-1 WASTE PAINT HARDENER is a powder formula that hardens paint spills and colorant instantly making cleanup easy. It is great for latex and oil-based paint spills and disposal.

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