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Train Employees Through the NHPA Academy for Retail Development

Get More Out of Your Training: Upgrade your NHPA membership to access all training modules currently available and new ones when they launch at YourNHPA.org/membership.

As one of the most important parts of your business, your employees rely on you to give them the tools and resources they need to be successful at their jobs. Today’s employees, including the growing number of Gen Z workers, believe learning and training is key to being successful in their careers, according to BambooHR. By offering a diverse range of training to employees, businesses could see an increase in employee engagement and retention.

But training them when they first join your operation is simply the start; training should also be utilized to help them grow as an individual and an employee, stay up-to-date with the industry standards and contribute to your overall business.

That’s where the North American Hardware and Paint Association (NHPA) comes in. NHPA’s Academy for Retail Development offers everything from online courses covering basic retail skills to college level management programs. These industry-specific courses are designed to teach employees of all levels the skills they need to have a successful career in home improvement retailing.

kim peffleyA Note From NHPA’s Director of Organizational Development and Consulting, Kim Peffley:

I am so excited about the Academy catalog because it truly highlights all of the amazing programs NHPA has available to support retailers within our industry to become better and more profitable retailers. With several resources available in one place, NHPA can share their programs easily with retailers to help them build their own development plan, from hiring new employees, retaining them in the business and growing their teams and business. NHPA is happy to connect with retailers one-on-one to discuss their specific needs and share more details about their programs and what would be best for your operation. Some of the more popular programs include:

  • Assisting future leader development
  • Improving communication
  • Learning problem solving skills
  • Being self-aware of employees and the company overall
  • Solving conflicts
  • Optimizing store operations

associationFinding the Right Fit
If you are looking to develop a strategic plan for your business that includes robust training for your staff, the new NHPA Academy catalog can help guide your plans. This catalog lists everything that is available through the Academy for Retail Development. In the catalog, you’ll find course listings with a brief description of each to help determine which options best fit your training needs.

To make it easier to choose the best option for your business needs, courses are categorized between those focused on individual growth and courses focused on organizational development. Courses in the individual growth area are geared towards developing employees in all aspects of retail, from basic product knowledge to leadership and management skills. Educational programs in the business development area are directed towards helping the organization as a whole develop better teams, company culture and operations. Many of these programs are administered by an NHPA consultant, while some online options are available.

One of NHPA’s courses that has evolved is the Foundations Program, designed around leadership. These courses educate the employee on how to be a better leader within a business, how to effectively merchandise a store to maximize space and profit and how to mentor other employees to help improve themselves. Two foundations courses are brand new: Foundations of Mentoring and Foundations of Merchandising Management. Foundations of Mentoring focuses on the importance of mentorship and how to incorporate it into your business from the top down. Foundations of Merchandising Management covers the strategies and skills needed for effective assortment planning, visual merchandising, vendor relations and more.

Additionally, NHPA has a yearly Retail Management Certification Program held online and in person. Over the course of six months, students work with mentors on how to more effectively run their operation, as well as plan and present a final project specifically designed for the student’s business. Final projects vary depending on the needs of the student and what they would like to accomplish and have included topics such as streamlining the inventory process, engaging employees and adding additional locations.

Visit YourNHPA.org/academy to request a copy of the catalog to see what courses are available through NHPA. The catalog offers a broad spectrum of training to fit retailers’ training needs, but if you aren’t seeing exactly what you want, customized options are available. Contact NHPA’s training experts to discuss a program designed around your needs.

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