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What to Stock for First-Time Tool Buyers

tool bag

For many homeowners, getting their first toolkit is a right of passage. Having tools like hammers, drills and basic painting supplies is essential to making sure homeowners can fix basic problems around their homes. Stocking the right items is an …

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3 Basics of Ladder Safety

Step Ladder

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ladder accidents cause around 160,000 injuries and 300 deaths each year. If you sell ladders in your operation, share these ladder safety tips and product knowledge with your customers to position yourself as …

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3 Tips to Keep Your Customers Safe This Holiday Season

Safe Holiday

From falling off ladders to trees catching fire, our favorite holiday movies jokingly depict the perils of holiday decorating. In real life, the dangers are substantial. Make sure your customers stay safe this year by sharing safety tips when selling …

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Reaching New Heights With Step Stools and Ladders

Step Stools Ladders

In 2018, the ladder market was valued at $3.93 billion and is projected to hit $5.02 billion by 2025, according to the Global Ladder Market research report that was released in 2019 by 360 Market Updates. For retailers, a well-developed …

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