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How Chatbots Can Assist Your Operation

Trends - chatbots

According to Insider Intelligence, a research firm that analyzes digital opportunities, by 2024 consumer retail spend via chatbots will reach $142 billion worldwide—a sharp increase from the $2.8 billion spent in 2019. With continuing staffing issues and increasing demand for …

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5 Chatbot Best Practices

chatbot best practices

According to Outgrow, a data analytics and digital marketing company, 56 percent of users would rather use chatbots than call customer support. As chatbots continue to grow in popularity, consider using these best practices on your own chatbot to save …

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Using Digital Strategies to Grow Closer to Customers

digital strategies

  Finding ways to grow closer to customers is paramount for independent home improvement operators. By establishing a more personal connection with customers, retailers can solidify their reputations as must-shop destinations.  Zach Williams says how home improvement products are marketed, …

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