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Seven Ways to Make Your Special Event a Success - Feature

Seven Ways to Make Your Special Event a Success

Sunny days mean people want to get out and about and spend some extra time outdoors. Offer events that will get people to your business. Here are some tips to help you plan your special event:

Define your goals for the event. Ask yourself questions like: Who is my target audience? What items do I want to promote?

Start planning early. Depending on the complexity of the event, it may take anywhere from three to nine months to plan. First make a list of everything you’ll need for the day, including special guests, rented equipment, special merchandise for sale, food and advertising. Then schedule them as far in advance as you can so you’re assured everything is in place on event day.

Enlist employees to help. Assign staff members to particular duties according to their interests or abilities. Keep all employees informed about event details so everyone feels included and can help generate excitement about the event among the customers.

Advertise. Utilize social media sites to build excitement in the days and weeks leading up to your event. Always give personal invitations to customers who are in your store.

Prep your store. Use banners, special signage, balloons and other decorations throughout the store to send the message something special is happening.

Get outside. Hold the event outside—in your parking lot, on the sidewalk or in a grassy area—whenever possible. This will bring in more traffic, as people walking or driving by will stop in to see what’s going on.

Pay attention to every detail. Take the time to think through every part of the event and catch problems before they happen. For example, ask yourself questions such as: How do I avoid long lines at the cashier? Where will people park? Who will greet customers at the door?

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