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Merchandising Tips for the Fall

Fall is the time of year when the leaves are turning, the weather is getting cooler and consumers are starting to turn their thoughts to the frigid months ahead. For retailers, fall is no time to be idle. Autumn is a time for retailers to begin transitioning from their warm-weather product selections to a mix of summer and winter goods. Use the following merchandising tips to help you make sure your store is fall ready.

Power Up Your Merchandising

During the fall selling season, caulk is a great product to place in dump bins and checkout and service counter displays. Keeping it in front of customers will help remind them that it’s time to get their house ready before the cold weather hits. Take advantage of manufacturer signage that features usage tips and application information.

Clean Up Your Show room

Major indoor remodeling projects such as kitchens and baths are often tackled during the fall and winter. To attract attention to a kitchen and bath show room, you have to make sure the area is spotless, free of clutter and well organized. This will help you attract the female customer, who is likely to initiate the buying decisions in this category. Also, be sure to rotate stock and periodically redo vignettes so the showroom looks updated and fresh, and don’t be afraid to try a few trendy styles that might catch the eye.

Emphasize Special Orders

Special orders are an excellent way to upsell your customers to higher-end products. If your store offers special orders, make sure you promote this service with in-store signage and display advertising. In addition, be sure to mention the availability of special orders if a customer seems to be having trouble finding the right faucet, sink or entry door. Streamline the special order paperwork process to take the hassle out of the transaction for the customer, and stress that getting the right product is worth waiting a few more days.

Give Endcaps a New Look

Endcaps are an effective way to promote seasonal goods. Spark fall project sales by filling endcaps with project starters. An endcap stocked with lawn bags and trash bags reminds customers it’s time to rake the lawn, and possibly that they need a new rake, too. An endcap featuring antifreeze may help customers remember they need to close up their summer home for the season. Make sure endcaps display related project items, including how-to information.

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