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In Case You Missed It: Great Lessons From the Past Year of Hardware Retailing

Operating an independent home improvement business is no small feat. Even though your store hours may say one thing, you know that thinking of how to better your operation doesn’t stop, even when the doors are locked and the lights go out. Even if you may have missed a few articles, you can find 10 lessons from the past year of Hardware Retailing in this final list.

From operations tips, store safety pointers and new marketing tactics to supercharge your business, you’re sure to find a previous article that brings exciting opportunities. For more resources to power your independent home improvement business forward, visit the North American Retail Hardware Association.

Take a look at the past 10 issues to find something you may have missed from the pages of Hardware Retailing. Click on any of the red links below to read each article in full.

independent home improvementApril 2019
Super Salesfloor Strategies

Finding innovative ways to use your salesfloor space is a crucial task for every independent operator. Learn how one retailer gradually increased his salesfloor space to introduce new products and improve the overall shopping experience for customers.

independent home improvementMay 2019
Meet the 2019 Top Guns

2019 Top Guns demonstrate vision, acumen and perseverance. Learn how these three retailers are using new industry tools and trends to push their businesses forward and connect more deeply with the customers and communities they serve.

independent home improvementJuly 2019
Bridging the Gap

A shortage of skilled laborers in the coming years is a problem all retailers must face. Learn how one retailer is partnering with community organizations and vocational groups to encourage more young people to enter the trades and forge their own path forward in the industry.

independent home improvementJune 2019
Safety First and Foremost

Safety is a vital concern for your business. Take a journey through the typical home improvement store to review areas that could potentially pose hazards to you, your staff and your customers. Learn how to keep customers and employees out of harm’s way.

independent home improvementMarch 2019
Fishing for New Sales

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, bringing people closer to nature and wildlife. Your business can court fishers and outdoor enthusiasts by stocking a full inventory of fishing gear. Learn how one retailer is catching the big one in this feature.

independent home improvementJanuary 2019
The Power to Control Time

As an independent retailer, you know there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Scroll back to January to learn some time management tips that could help you prioritize and delegate critical tasks to ensure your operation is running on all cylinders.

independent home improvementSeptember 2019
HVAC Happens

Understanding how to troubleshoot customers’ HVAC problems is something every retailer can do. Learn how one retailer is using information from local HVAC service professionals to help customers overcome their heating and cooling problems without requiring costly replacements.

independent home improvementFebruary 2019
Appealing to New Generations

You can strengthen your independent home improvement business and capture more sales by appealing to a full spectrum of home improvement customers, from new homeowners to empty nesters. Discover what different generations of customers want from your business to serve them effectively.

independent home improvementAugust 2019
Stop Theft in Its Tracks

Stopping theft is an important priority for every independent operator. In this article, discover how different retailers from across the country have handled robberies and internal theft to build safer, more secure places of business.

independent home improvementDecember 2018
The Power of TV

Creating connections with your local news crew could be a good way to spread home improvement knowledge throughout your community and advertise your store to viewers. Learn how one retailer has grown relationships with local media to grow his own business.

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