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Hot Products – June 1, 2022

flexible joint knivesFlexible Stainless Steel Joint Knives
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This new line of joint knives is distinguished by the all-metal design many pros prefer. They feature a hollow ground blade for the perfect flex and include a Hammer Head® for setting nails and dimpling nail holes. Made of durable stainless steel, they are rust-resistant, easy to clean and protected by a lifetime warranty.

Hyde Tools
hydetools.com or 800-872-4933

interior paintInterior Paint
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Unparalleled color depth and richness have long been the hallmark of ultra-premium AURA®, an interior paint that stands in a class by itself. Benjamin Moore improved upon AURA’s perfection with a new proprietary resin and other enhancements, elevating AURA to even greater heights of beauty and performance, including unbeatable hide, improved application and a long-lasting finish. Introducing the next generation of AURA.

Benjamin Moore

window air conditionerRoom Air Products
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Coast Air products were created out of a need for simple, efficient and reliable HVAC products.  With over 60 years of HVAC product manufacturing and distribution experience, our quality is second to none—but our passion for comfort never stops. We continually implement innovation to improve the indoor environments we create. 

Coast Air

concrete screw anchorsConcrete Screw Anchors
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Introducing the new Power Pro Concrete Screw Anchors, the best performing, code-approved screw anchor for fastening into concrete and masonry materials. A newly engineered thread design pairs wide serrated threads and mid-crossband threads for a fast and clean install. Under-head micro-nibs cut a countersink into wood and the screw anchors are threaded to tip for fast self-drilling into wood base materials. Exterior coating provides protection against corrosion. They come in packaging options that satisfy the DIYer and the Pro including blue, white and black color options to match or complement projects.

Hillman Group

CBD roll-onRapid Recovery CBD Roll-On
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Made with a thoughtfully designed blend of premium isolate CBD and naturally soothing ingredients like menthol and arnica, Medterra’s Rapid Recovery Cream provides quick, cooling relief. Its easy-to-use pump bottle travels anywhere, allowing you to discreetly find speedy recovery from occasional stress or exercise. When used regularly, Rapid Recovery Cream can help provide strong joint and muscle support that helps you feel like the best version of yourself.

medterracbd.com or 1-800-203-2575

long handle tool displayLong-Handle Merchandising Display
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The all-plastic Tool Rack and Tool Cart by SPC Retail® will get your long-handled merchandise on the move and within sight of customers. With 56 slots to store a variety of items ranging from fishing poles to tiki torches to yard tools, this display is the ideal solution for hard-to-merchandise products in high-traffic, impulse or storefront areas.

Structural Plastics
spc-retail.com or 800-523-6899

pocket hole screwPocket Hole Screw
Kreg® Blue-Kote™ Screws feature three anti-corrosion layers making them suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects. The coating provides rust resistance up to 400 percent greater than zinc-plated screws. They have a Maxi-Lock square drive head, coarse threads and are available in quantities up to 2000 per box in 1-¼  inch, 1 ½  inch, 2 inch and 2-½  inch lengths.

kregtool.com or 800-447-8638

pivoting spray bottleSelf-Adjusting Spray Bottle
PIVOT™ is a spray bottle with a handle that pivots freely, keeping the bottle upright and the supply tube in contact with the fluid at all times, eliminating air bubbles that can clog the line. It automatically adjusts to keep the bottle’s weight below the user’s hand at all times, minimizing strain and fatigue, and the spray head can lock in the closed position for safety.


mosquito trapMosquito Trap
INZECTO’S Mosquito Trap provides three months of mosquito control using a micro-dose of insecticides embedded into the interior of the trap. Activated by water, the trap provides a stagnant water environment to attract mosquitos, and the embedded insecticides kill the larvae. The INZECTO Mosquito Trap is EPA-approved.

inzecto.com or 844-944-2601

Outdoor Security CameraOutdoor Camera
The Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 is a wireless motion-activated color outdoor security camera. It features 1080p color HD night vision, IP65 weather resistance, a 130-degree field of view, PIR motion detection, two-way audio and a 6-month battery life. A solar panel is available for continuous charging. It can record up to 28 days of video on a 32GB microSD card.

wyze.com or 202-339-9646

deck clipsHidden Deck Fasteners
ExoDek® QuickClip™ Hidden Deck Fasteners are designed for typical 5/4×4 and 5/4×6 grooved deck boards with 3/16-inch height grooves. They expand and contract with the natural swelling and shrinkage of hardwood and softwood decking, as well as PVC and composite boards.

Nova USA Wood Products
novawoodusa.com or 503-419-6407

laminated shinglesLaminated Shingles
Manoir laminated asphalt shingles mimic the look of European castles and feature BP Canada’s Weather-Tite® PLUS Technology protecting them from wind-driven rain while the Hurricane Band® provides protection from blow-offs. Their SeBS polymer-modified asphalt formulation provides flexibility and long-term granule retention, and they meet Class 3 impact resistance requirements according to standard FM 4473.

Building Products of Canada
bpcan.com or 800-268-5927

Coring AeratorManual Lawn Coring Aerator
Yard Butler’s Manual Lawn Coring Aerator removes two 3-inch plugs. The tool is 37-inches long and includes a foot bar to provide extra leverage. It is made from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel and is rust-resistant.

Yard Butler

fly trapDisposable Fly Trap
The RESCUE! Big Bag Fly Trap controls flies around barns, stables and animal pens. It includes a fast-acting attractant, holds up to 40,000 flies and is disposable when full. It starts working as soon as water is added and is suitable for outdoor use only.

Sterling International
rescue.com or info@rescue.com

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