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Hot Products – January 20, 2021

Revenge Roach BaitRoach Bait
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REVENGE® Invisible Roach Bait controls roaches for up to 2 years. Bait is carried back to where other roaches are hiding. It is also effective on ants, Asian ladybeetles, booklice, carpet beetles, crickets, earwigs, pillbugs, silverfish, stinkbugs and more. The puffer applicator makes it easy to apply.



Aqua PawPet Groomer
The AquaPaw® Pet Bathing Tool is a rubberized combination sprayer and scrubber that attaches to either a showerhead (via an installed adapter) or garden hose (via a quick connector). The adjustable strap secures the product on the groomers hand during use, and water flow is easily stopped and started by a quick squeeze. Another advantage of the AquaPaw is the ability to get the water into the pet’s undercoat in a gentle yet effective manner, resulting in a faster rinse and less stress on the owner and pet.

www.aquapaw.com or mail@aquapaw.com

Liquid SoapPure Castile Liquid Soap
Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soaps not only clean just about everything from home surfaces, to dishes, to pets and humans alike, but are synthetic preservative-free, organic and fair trade certified. Packaging is also made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials. Multiple scents are available, including pet-friendly unscented versions.


Dr. Bronner’s
drbronner.com or 844-937-2551

Cat ShampooCat Shampoo
DeShed Plus Cat Shampoo helps reduce shedding and hairballs by loosening the packed undercoat during bathing. The product uses panthenol, protein and amino acids to fortify and strengthen hair for a silky coat that is less likely to shed. Available in 12 oz. and gallon sizes.

Davis Mfg.
davismfg.com or 800-292-2424

Tick KeyTick Removal Tool
Tick Key™ removes ticks without the use of harsh chemicals. The forward leverage removes the tick and its head without touching the engorged body. It is proven 99.9 percent effective at removing ticks of all sizes on people and pets.

TickKey International
tickkey.com or 860-618-3072

Wet/Dry VacWet/Dry Vacuum
With everyone home, the chances for messes also increases. This indoor wet/dry vacuum is lightweight and portable, making it convenient for quick cleanup, while still providing the power needed to get the job done thoroughly.  The vacuum switches easily between wet and dry options, and the tool kit includes a turbo pet hair removal tool.

karcher.com/us or 800-444-7654

Kitchen CabinetsKitchen Cabinets
KraftMaid has long been a reliable brand in kitchen cabinets. Now, homeowners can rely on the company to help create permanent workspaces as well. Combined with the many innovative storage solutions and options provided by the company, renovators and DIYers will be able to construct the office of their dreams.


kraftmaid.com or 888-562-7744

Cement Board ScrewCement Board Screws
When DIYers catch-up projects include bathroom remodels or new flooring, these Hillman Power Pro Cement Board Screws will come in handy. They are ideal for fastening cement board to wood or light-gauge metal studs and they feature a textured surface for improved mortar adhesion.

Hillman Group
hillmangroup.com or 800-800-4900

Ductless Heat PumpDuctless Mini-Split Heat Pump
Perfect for adding heating and cooling to a single room or new space for a home office, this ductless mini-split from MRCOOL® comes with video instructions for DIYers who aren’t afraid to tackle plumbing and electrical installations. The unit comes with a remote that tracks ambient air temperature and a smartphone app that works with Apple and Android smart devices for enhanced control.

mrcool.com or 270-366-0457

Closet SystemCloset System
From Rubbermaid, Configurations® Closet Systems are all-in-one closet organization systems that make it easy to organize and maximize storage space. Using household tools, DIYers can easily install the rails, shelves and telescoping rods without having to cut anything. These systems can also be customized to fit homeowners’ personal needs. 

www.rubbermaid.com or 888-895-2110

ScaleBlasterWater Descaling System
Getting rid of hard water and the stains that come with it is on many homeowners’ to-do lists. This product is an eco-friendly, natural descaling unit that attaches to the incoming water line for the home and controls hard water without the need for salt or chemicals. Once installed, ScaleBlaster® generates an electronic frequency that interferes with hard water minerals, causing them to lose the ability to stick to the interior of the plumbing system, thereby preventing limescale or other deposits. ScaleBlaster® is made in the U.S.A.

scaleblaster.com or 800-756-7946

Can CrusherCan Crusher
The Easy Pull Can Crush is a simple and quick can crushing system that reduces the space cans take up in the trash and makes them easier to recycle. The mechanism has an anti-pinch guard and features auto-ejection for a touchless procedure. The system also includes hardware for wall mounting.

Dial Industries, Inc.
dialind.com or 323-263-6878

TrowelComfort Grip Trowel
This 13-inch, stainless-steel gardening tool from Winslow & Ross® is backed by a 10-year warranty. The handle is over-molded for maximum grip and comfort. It is part of a full line of gardening tools, including a transplanter, harrow, hoe, cultivator, fork and weed cutter.

Winslow & Ross
winslowandross.com or 888-644-2284

Kitchen FaucetSingle-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet
Nothing says home chef like Kohler’s unique three-function Tournant™ Single-Handle Semi-Professional Kitchen Sink Faucet. The sprayhead has settings for food prep, filling pots and pitchers, and cleaning. The ambitious-looking faucet is available in four finishes: polished chrome, polished nickel, stainless and oil-rubbed bronze.

us.kohler.com or 800-456-4537

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