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Hot Products – April 6, 2022

granite coatingGranite Coating
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Capstone Granite is an interior/exterior, water-based, acrylic coating with a multicolor blend of decorative chips for a “granite-like” appearance. This coating is ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces such as pool decks, porches, patios, decks, walkways, walls and more. Capstone Granite is nontoxic, low-odor, features water clean-up and is made in the U.S..

Ames Research
amesresearch.com or 888-345-0809

radial sanding disc9-Inch Radial Sander
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The 9-Inch Radial Sander is engineered to allow pros to sand large areas with greater ease. This is the lightest radial sander on the market. It has a unique pivoting hinge and round shape that prevents flipping. The Hyde radial sander accepts any 9-inch round abrasive material that has the hook and loop attachment feature. 

Hyde Tools
hydetools.com or 800-872-4933


interior paintInterior Paint
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Unparalleled color depth and richness have long been the hallmark of ultra-premium AURA®, an interior paint that stands in a class by itself. Benjamin Moore improved upon AURA’s perfection with a new proprietary resin and other enhancements, elevating AURA to even greater heights of beauty and performance, including unbeatable hide, improved application and a long-lasting finish. Introducing the next generation of AURA.

Benjamin Moore

Plant Hanger DisplayPlant Hanger Display
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The all-plastic Benchmaster™ Three Step Plant Hanger Plus Display will prove reliable as the No. 1 choice in live goods merchandising. Designed to display multiple tiers of product, it’s great for maximizing vertical space while showcasing the natural color of flora. This merchandiser will stand the test of time even when exposed to extreme climate conditions. This display is available in multiple configurations of 36-inch, 66-inch and 96-inch lengths.

Structural Plastics
spc-retail.com or 800-523-6899

plant foodSlow-Release Plant Food
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Schultz Nursery Plus Slow-Release Plant Food bases the release rate of the specially coated slow-release nitrogen granules on soil temperature, not moisture level. Therefore, an increase in soil temperature causes the slow-release nitrogen granules to respond, providing predictable and continuous feeding for up to three months that ordinary evergreen, tree and shrub food without slow-release nitrogen can’t deliver.


fast cure adhesiveFast Cure Adhesive
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The real genius in GLUEANGEL Glue Genius is found in the advanced technological combination of activator and adhesive, resulting in speed that makes super glue look not-so-super, and bond strengths powerful enough to replace screws and nails.

National Adhesive
glueangel.com or 855-674-4583

crack repair caulkCrack Repair Caulk Tube
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3M™ High Strength Crack Repair makes repairs three times faster. The precision tip applies the fiber reinforced compound directly into surface cracks in both interior and exterior fills. Ideal for drywall, ceilings, stucco and concrete fractures with no shrinking, cracking or sagging.


canning funnelCanning Funnel
Prepworks by Progressive’s No-Mess Canning Funnel features a double-walled design that fits wide and regular mouth canning jars. It has headspace measurements for precise filling, allowing necessary air space for proper sealing. The outer collar keeps the funnel off the counter when not in use, avoiding contamination and countertop messes. The high heat polypropylene won’t stain and is dishwasher safe.

Progressive Intl.
progressiveintl.com or 800-426-7101

boot insoleBoot Insole
Georgia Boot’s Amp Insoles offer airflow channels to provide cool circulation and a polyurethane layer for maximum cushioning. A heel cup provides support and comfort, and the memory foam adjusts for customized cushioning of the entire foot. They replace style G9991 for Georgia Boots.

Georgia Boots

tabletop torchTabletop Torch
Made from textured marine glass in ivory, coral and blue, this set of three table torches uses TIKI® Brand BiteFighter® Clean Burn™ Torch Fuel and offers up to 7 hours of burn time with each 18-ounce fill.

Lamplight Farms Inc.

cabinet installation supportCabinet Installation Support
Cabinet Jack by T-Jak® is designed to help carpenters install wall cabinets. It supports up to 400 pounds, and the tool slides from 53 inches to 84 inches through the use of a quick-release knob. Extensions are available to lengthen the Cabinet Jack’s reach, and it can also be used to support crown molding, ceiling fixtures and rectangular ductwork.


fishing lightSubmersible Fishing Light
NEBO®‘s Submerser™ 500 is a USB-C rechargeable, submersible fishing light. It outputs 500 lumens of green light from its 360-degree COB design. The green light draws in plankton and baitfish, attracting coveted game fish. It includes a 6-meter nylon rope and a USB-C to USB charging cable.

Alliance Sports Group
nebo.acgbrands.com or 800-255-6061

carpenter bee trapCarpenter Bee Trap
Rescue!’s Carpenter Bee TrapStik attracts carpenter bees with VisiLure technology and can be hung right where carpenter bees cause damage. It is pesticide-free, odor-free and weather-resistant.

Sterling International Inc.


duct tapeDuct Tape
Built with Forge-Link™ Technology, T-Rex® Brute Force® high-performance duct tape features double-thick adhesive on a durable, UV-resistant waterproof backing. One loop of tape holds over 700 pounds.

Shurtape Technologies
trextape.com or 800-321-0253

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