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Hot Products – April 5, 2023

Crack Repair Caulk Tube

3M™High Strength Crack Repair makes repairs three times faster. The precision tip applies the fiber-reinforced compound directly into surface cracks in both interior and exterior fills. It is ideal for drywall, ceilings, stucco and concrete fractures with no shrinking, cracking or sagging.

3M | 3m.com

Window Air Conditioner

The RXTS-Series Window Air Conditioner is an evolution in design and features, providing more security, quieter operation and better efficiency. The revolutionary “U” shape allows the window sash to close and lock through the chassis, effectively separating the compressor portion of the air conditioner and locking the noisy outside world away from your peace and quiet. The advanced inverter compressor and DC fans work in concert with the unique design to provide world-class efficiency and idyllic, peaceful comfort.

Comfort-Aire | comfort-aire.com

Ice Shaper
The Ice Designer™ Plate is an innovative brass plate that makes five different patterns when an ice cube is pressed on it. The thick, deep grooves in this highly conductive metal plate have patterns that emboss the ice fast, and last relatively long in a drink.

The Ice Designer | theicedesigner.com

Tool Holster
The Spider Tool Holster is designed to improve the way you carry your power tools. The Tool Holster is a belt-mounted carrying system for power tools and works with any belt. To use, clip the Holster to your belt, secure the elastic Tool Grip to your power tool and slide it into the locking holster. Spider Tool Grips pair with any hand-held power tool including power drills, impact drivers, reciprocal saws, pneumatic nailers and more.

Spider Tool Holster | spidertoolholster.com

Adjustable Roller Cage Frame

Hyde Tools’ 4-inch roller cage frame has two roller size adaptors and fits mini, ¾-inch and 1 ½-inch roller covers. It features a soft grip plastic handle with acme thread for use on paint poles. The adjustable angle on the handle allows for use in hard to reach places and comfort.

Hyde Tools | hydetools.com or 800-872-4933

Micro Screwdriver Set

The 4 PC. Micro Torx® Screwdriver Set is part of Mayhew Tools’ new made-in-U.S. line of screwdrivers. This set, part #31030, features an ergonomic acetate micro handle for maximum strength and torque transfer. All blades are manufactured using tempered high alloy steel while the black oxide finish helps prevent corrosion. Each tip is precision CNC machined to industry specifications with tight tolerances for sure and reliable fastener engagement. They are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Mayhew Steel Products | mayhew.com or 800-872-0037

Crafting Shears
BLACK+DECKER Crafting Shears feature stainless steel blades that separate for easy cleaning. They can cut through thick materials and include a convenient paint can opener.

BLACK+DECKER | blackanddecker.com

Paint Stripper
MAX Strip® Paint & Varnish Stripper removes interior and exterior paints and varnishes from various surfaces. It safely removes paints and varnishes without damaging the surface being stripped. Max Strip products are water-based, providing a safer removal option and cover 30-50 square feet per quart/liter.

Eco Solutions Limited | ecosolutions.co.uk

Slow-Release Plant Food

Schultz Nursery Plus Slow-Release Plant Food bases the release rate of the specially coated slow-release nitrogen granules on soil temperature, not moisture level. Therefore, an increase in soil temperature causes the slow-release nitrogen granules to respond. They provide predictable and continuous feeding for up to three months, which is longer than ordinary evergreen, tree and shrub food without slow-release nitrogen can deliver.

Knox Fertilizer Company | knoxfert.com

Ant Bait Station

Kness Pest Defense’s Ants-No-More® Bait Station is the best course of action for ant problems as it eliminates the heart of the issue—the colony. This bait station can be placed anywhere outdoors, from the garden to potted plants. Simply add the ant bait of your choice and stake it in the ground. Ants enter the station and return the bait to the colony–neutralizing the infestation.

Kness Mfg. Co. | kness.com

Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are a great addition to any backyard but can be a hassle. The Above has found the solution: the Height Automatic Umbrella. To open and close the umbrella, simply hit one button on its remote control. Thanks to the wind sensor installed in the umbrella, it will automatically begin to close once winds pick up, ensuring the safety of your outdoor umbrella.

The Above | theabove.com

Pizza Stone
The Weber Crafted Outdoor Kitchen Collection brings the kitchen outside and to the grill. To use, simply replace your right-side cooking grate with the Weber Crafted Pizza Stone and make brick-oven-quality pizzas, artisan breads and even desserts on your grill. Weber-crafted compatible grills, frames and cooking grates are required for use.

Weber Grill | weber.com

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