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Hot Products – Apr. 15, 2020

Quikrete Re-CapConcrete Resurfacer
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Quikrete® Re-Cap® Concrete Resurfacer is an affordable and effective alternative to replacing worn concrete. Designed to repair and renew old, spalled concrete with a permanent wear resistant surface that can withstand foot, vehicle and other heavy traffic, Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer has a bond to concrete that is four times stronger than the concrete itself. That means, a concrete substrate will fracture or crack before its bond with Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer.

800-767-5656 or quikrete.com

Pet Create Bed

Pet Crate Bed
Pet parents always want their four-legged family members to be as comfortable as possible, especially as they age. The Pet Cushion Crate Bed from Aleko Products allows pets to rest in a soft and supported place, reducing pressure on sensitive bones and joints. The bed fits easily in most crates and doghouses or can be used free-standing and is machine washable. 

Aleko Products
alekoproducts.com or 888-246-8596

Leather Dog ToyNatural Leather Toy
Even older pets like to have fun, and these natural leather toys can be a fun addition to their toy basket. Constructed of both natural leather and wool, these toys are free of the chemicals found in some other toys and are designed for long hours of play.

Original Territory Brand

Stain & Odor EliminatorStain and Odor Eliminator
Whether it’s a new puppy or an older dog, accidents happen. Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator is an enzymatic cleaner that makes quick work of the stains and odors associated with pet messes. The product has no harsh chemicals, making it safe for pets, family, and home surfaces.

Nature’s Miracle

Magnetic Bulletin BarMagnetic Bulletin Bar
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The Magnetic Bulletin Bar declutters your life. Powerful magnets and a powder-coated or stainless steel bar make it easy to organize and display calendars, photos, to-do lists, important documents and more. The Magnetic Bulletin Bar is ideal for the home, office or dorm room and comes in multiple sizes in colors. Included adhesive strips and screws make it easy to mount the Magnetic Bulletin Bar in the desired position and adjust as needed.

Master Magnetics Inc.
magnetsource.com or 888-293-9190

Heated Pet PadHeated Pad
Stiff joints can benefit from light heat. Thermo Plush Pad from K & H Pet Products offers pets a soft, comfortable place to relax, while providing gentle heating. The pad’s cover is removable for machine washing.

K&H Pet Products
khpet.com or 877-738-5188

Red Devil ONETIMELightweight Spackle
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ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling is a bestselling, award-winning Red Devil® product that’s sold in more than 63 countries. This premium, lightweight premixed formula saves time and money with no need to prime before painting. It fi­lls holes in one application with no shrinking or cracking. The versatile spackling is available in sizes from half pints to gallons, space saving square tubs and various handy kits with all you need to patch a wall.

Red Devil
reddevil.com or 800-423-3845

iPet RobotPet Companion Robot
Fully interact and keep an eye on your pet while away from home with the control-from-anywhere Smart iPet Robot. Equipped with an HD, night-vision enabled camera, users can follow their pets around their home to check on their well-being, as well as interact with them vocally, dispense treats, initiate play with laser teaser, and more. The robot is available in multiple colors.

Dogness Co.
dogness.com or 833-364-6377

Whistle Go TrackerPet Tracker
Whether checking to see how much activity a pet is getting, or trying to locate a lost pet, trackers like Whistle Go can lead users in the right direction. The tracker lets users set up alerts to let them know where the pet is, track wellness and behaviors such as licking or scratching, as well as activities.

whistle.com or 855-999-0471

Litter RobotAutomatic Scooping Litter Box
Scooping litter from a cat box is not only a messy job, for certain people like pregnant women, it can pose significant health concerns. The Litter-Robot automatically removes waste deposits from litter, dropping them into a convenient removable drawer below the unit. Sleek, modern design makes this functional unit more attractive for open spaces. 

Automated Pet Care Products
litter-robot.com or 877-250-7729

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