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5 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

More than a passing trend, eco-friendly options are in high demand for all parts of the home, including flooring. Fortunately, more flooring manufacturers than ever offer green options you can stock to give your customers sustainable options for their homes in a variety of textures, colors and materials. 

Marmoleum. Made by Forbo, marmoleum floors are sustainable, durable and come in over 300 innovative and modern designs. Marmoleum is available in sheets, tiles and planks and is created from natural raw materials, with no use of synthetic materials like PVC, plastic or polyolefin.

Bamboo. Known for its durability and toughness, bamboo flooring is sustainable and has ultra-low VOC. Cali bamboo flooring goes through a proprietary manufacturing process that makes it twice as dense as any other hardwood floor, and it is backed by a 50-year warranty.

Cork. An all-natural product from the bark of the cork tree, which can regrow within nine years, cork flooring is beautiful, environmentally responsible and endures wear and tear in any home or business. The cork flooring varieties from WE Cork come in glue-down and floating options for installation. 

Wool carpet. Made from 100 percent wool pile, wool carpets are partially recyclable and biodegradable. Nature’s Carpet’s options include over 60 styles and colors that don’t make a negative impact on the environment. Products from the company’s Dark Green line can be absorbed into the earth in their existing form. 

Reclaimed hardwood. Consumers love the look of reclaimed wood, and also appreciate that they are recycling floors and choosing a sustainable option. Reclaimed floors from Elmwood Reclaimed Lumber come in a wide variety of wood types and colors including oak, pine, fur, ash and walnut. 

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