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Dorm Room Sleep Necessities

With summer coming to an end, students are going back to school, including college students moving into dorms. Stock comfortable and affordable bedroom items to help college students, whether it’s their first year or fifth, sleep soundly in their new space.

Mattress Pad

Provide customers with a range of mattress pads to help them create a comfortable sleeping environment on the often-uncomfortable dorm mattresses. Memory foam toppers, such as the ones from Linenspa and Lucid, lay on top of a mattress and provide additional padding. Mattress pads can also come with textured tops, like the toppers from Bonanza, to provide back support and comfort.


In addition to a comfortable mattress, a supportive pillow is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Pillows can be full body length for whole body comfort, such as the ones from Live Comfortably. Others can come with cooling gel on one side of the pillow to keep customer’s heads cool while they sleep, such as one from Pillow Cube.


A set of twin extra-large bedsheets will fit perfectly over any regular dorm room bed mattress. Bare Home offers microfiber bedsheets in a wide variety of colors that are washer-friendly and fitted to stay tucked into the bed without slipping and sliding. There are also sets of sheets with patterned designs available in the twin extra-large size through The Company Store.

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