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Experts Answer Questions on Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a growing threat to small businesses like yours as large companies with more resources invest millions of dollars to beef up their data security.

While big-box data gets more secure, small business’ customer payment card numbers and other sensitive information remain more accessible, and become more appealing targets, to cybercriminals.

These thieves can use methods such as hacking a website, sending emails containing viruses or skimming data from devices physically attached to credit card readers.

Experts took questions from Hardware Retailing on how small businesses can prevent and recover from data breaches.

Click the links to read the following Q&As:

James Trainor, assistant director of the FBI Cyber Division, discusses reasons why cybercrime is a growing problem for small businesses and ways business owners should work with law enforcement if they are victims of data theft.

Scott Reynolds, CEO of Member Insurance, talks about how to understand cybercrime, and why failing to buy cyber liability insurance could destroy a company.

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