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Charging Ahead With Adaptable Chargers

Your electronic devices always need charging cables. Charging cables either break, get chewed up by a family pet or disappear completely. Set your operation apart by offering charging cables in various lengths and styles to become the go-to place for your customers’ electronic needs.

Look for quality and durability when stocking electronic charging cables. Belkin is recognized by Apple as a trusted brand for Apple products. With several options, including cables up to 10 feet in length and leather straps for easy cable management, Belkin has strengthened cables that are said to last longer than standard cables. Offer customers a durable product proven to last and endorsed by Apple. 

Another brand endorsed by Apple as well as Android is Monoprice. These cables, though only up to 6 feet in length, also offer extra durability and come with a lifetime warranty built into the product. Monoprice also offers wireless chargers, additional phone products and smart home security options, making them a one-stop shop. 

Paracable focuses on cables and chargers only, making them experts in cable chargers for all kinds of electronics. Each cable is durable and has flexible, braided material woven around the outside of the cable for extra protection. Additionally, Paracable offers charging cables that connect to both USB-C and lightning cables, the updated port for Android and Apple respectively. Their cables allow for easy transfer of data for individuals upgrading their electronics from one brand to another. Stand out to customers by offering a cable that is only found online.

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