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Brenda Eaden

Brenda J. Eaden is president and CEO of IDTELi and a provider of cost-effective identity theft prevention compliance tools and consulting services for the hardware industry. For more information, visit HardwareBizCompliance.com or email Info@HardwareBizCompliance.com.

Nuts and Bolts of Recent Retail Breaches

Retail data breach and identity theft concerns have heightened since the December 2013 announcement Target was attacked by hackers and bank card information for more than 100 million of its customers were stolen—this followed by the recent announcement that retailer …

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Data Breach! Don’t Become the Next Target

Odds are, you will or maybe already have been a victim. You may not even know it. As more retailers utilize technologically advanced retail systems, both online and in store, customers are growing more and more at risk for having …

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