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Bold Painted Attic Room

Add Interest to Walls

One thing that can be agreed upon is 2020 has made consumers see their indoor spaces in a different light. Homeowners have created new visions for what they need their spaces to be. Those new outlooks have translated into the need for visual interest, be it an entire redo of a room, or just adding a punch of color or texture in a specific location.

According to designers at Elle Décor, paint trends for 2020 were moving away from the cooler colors and into warmer, cozier rooms and bright, bold looks of jewel tones and high-contrast palates. Of course, the trend toward warmer room décor isn’t limited to painting a wall in the same standard way; some consumers are opting to create more interesting, upping the visual appeal by incorporating accent techniques, such as:

Bold Graphics: Chevrons, circles, chunky abstracts, or other blocked color patterns are making a comeback in a new, updated way. Accent walls in high contrast colors, such as black and white graphic, can draw the eye through the room.

Combination Techniques: Ombre-effect combined with blocked color, or jewel-toned accent walls with layered stenciling can make a huge statement in the right space. Techniques like dry-brushing, can give the appearance of textured wallcoverings such as grasscloth, with only the use of a couple of paint colors and a wide brush to create the pattern.

Sponge Painting: Unlike the randomized technique using chunky sponges from years past, the current trend in sponge painting focuses more on recognizable patterns and stand-out color, with a lighter background and a pattern in a darker contrasting or complementary hue.

Painted Ceilings and Floors: Some consumers are branching out beyond the four walls of the room and are accenting other surfaces, namely ceilings and floors. Paint can be used to either “lift” a ceiling giving an illusion of height or can be colored in a way as to bring a large space inward for a cozier feel. Painted floors can add a touch of whimsey or a punch of adventure, especially in 3D designs.

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