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Hot Products – May 4, 2022

vinyl matVinyl Mat/Liner
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Sikgard® Vinyl Mat/Liner is a multipurpose textured matting for surface protection. This nonwoven, flexible PVC mat is easily customizable and ready to use as a floor covering for both interior and outdoor spaces such as steps, walkways, entryways, patio spaces and much more. It is anti-mildew, impact-, UV- and weather-resistant and porous for quick drainage, minimizing retracking into buildings. It is also certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) as “High-Traction.”


concrete screw anchorsConcrete Screw Anchors
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Introducing the new Power Pro Concrete Screw Anchors, the best performing, code-approved screw anchor for fastening into concrete and masonry materials. A newly engineered thread design pairs wide serrated threads and mid-crossband threads for a fast and clean install. Under-head micro-nibs cut a countersink into wood and the screw anchors are threaded to tip for fast self-drilling into wood base materials. Exterior coating provides protection against corrosion. They come in packaging options that satisfy the DIYer and the Pro including blue, white and black color options to match or complement projects.

Hillman Group

interior paintInterior Paint
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Unparalleled color depth and richness have long been the hallmark of ultra-premium AURA®, an interior paint that stands in a class by itself. Benjamin Moore improved upon AURA’s perfection with a new proprietary resin and other enhancements, elevating AURA to even greater heights of beauty and performance, including unbeatable hide, improved application and a long-lasting finish. Introducing the next generation of AURA.

Benjamin Moore

scraperRemoval and Scraping Tool
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DIG-IT™ is a removal and scraping tool with multiple applications. The sturdy, high carbon steel blade is riveted for strength and features a beveled scraping edge for push or pull scraping. It also features sharp points on both sides for removing mortar, caulk or grout, and the bent blade with thumb notch protects knuckles. It has a durable nylon handle.

Hyde Tools
hydetools.com or 800-872-4933

plant foodSlow-Release Plant Food
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Schultz Nursery Plus Slow-Release Plant Food bases the release rate of the specially coated slow-release nitrogen granules on soil temperature, not moisture level. Therefore, an increase in soil temperature causes the slow-release nitrogen granules to respond, providing predictable and continuous feeding for up to three months that ordinary evergreen, tree and shrub food without slow-release nitrogen can’t deliver.


mini split heat pumpMini Split Heat Pump
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The Coast Air DO IT YOURSELF Ductless Single Zone Mini Split Heat Pump provides an innovative ductless cooling and heating solution that delivers comfort where homeowners need it most. The system includes smartphone compatibility, “Follow Me” function, a remote control, leak detection, low ambient cooling, auto restart and a sleep mode. It includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Coast Air

HEARINGPROTECTIONElectronic Hearing Protection
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The 3M™ Pro-Protect Electronic Hearing Protector protects hearing while allowing workers to stay aware of dangers on the job site simultaneously. This electronic hearing protector helps protect workers from hazardous noises, allows them to communicate in low-noise environments and enhances their situational awareness. With Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, they can make and receive phone calls through the headset. The soft, conformable ear cushions provide all-day comfort.


hardwood floor polish

Hardwood Floor Polish
Bona® Hardwood Floor Polish has been reformulated to include an antimicrobial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. The polish extends the life of a floor by providing a protective layer that renews floors by filling in micro scratches and scuffs, shielding against future wear and traffic and adding a durable shine.

bona.com or 800-872-5515

utility knifeLock Back Utility Knife
Designed and built for maximum utility, this knife measures 7 inches long when fully open and uses the same disposable blades as standard retractable box knives. A ridged thumb rest on the back of the zinc-alloy blade holder provides a comfortable way to add extra force for cutting through denser materials. The blue and yellow handle is made from weather-resistant, high visibility polypropylene and TPR rubber. A lanyard hold in the handle can be used to attach a wrist strap or loop of paracord.

estwing.com or 815-397-9558

Keychain FlashlightKeychain Flashlight
NEBO®‘s MYCRO Rechargeable Turbo Keychain Flashlight includes six light modes, including the 400-lumen turbo mode and three LED color options. It is small enough to be concealed in the hand or fit on a key ring. It includes a micro-USB to USB charging cable, stainless steel necklace and wrist lanyard.

Alliance Sports Group
nebo.acgbrands.com or 800-255-6061

grass seedPerennial/Annual Grass Seed Mix
Duo Pro™ Perennial/Annual grass seed mix is a 50/50 blend of turf annual/perennial ryegrass. It is traffic tolerant, germinates and establishes quickly and germinates at low temperatures. It is a dark genetic color and economically competitive versus perennial and intermediate ryegrass.

Barenbrug USA
barausa.com or 800-547-4101

bird seedWild Bird Seed
Thomas Moore Feed Texas Wild Bird Seed contains high-quality seeds such as black oil sunflower and safflower. It attracts colorful birds like cardinals, chickadees, blue jays and finches, adding color and variety to backyards.

Thomas Moore Feed
thomasmoorefeed.com or 936-825-7223

cooktop wipesCooktop Cleaning Wipes
Weiman’s Cooktop & Microwave Dual Action Wipes lift food, grease and oily residues from the inside of microwave ovens or glass cooktop surfaces with the scrubby side and leave a streak-free shine with the smooth side. It features a scratch-free formula and is nontoxic.

weiman.com or 800-837-8140

hedge trimmersCompact Hedge Trimmer
The Milwaukee® M12 FUEL™ 8-Inch Hedge Trimmer features an ergonomic handle and lightweight design suitable for one-handed use. The M12 FUEL rechargeable batteries provide enough power to cut up to ½-inch branches and the 8-inch blade features a ⅜-inch blade gap to allow for more cutting capacity.

Milwaukee Tool
milwaukeetool.com or 800-729-3878

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