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Sharing Your Special Event on Social for Extra Exposure

Promoting your event ahead of time is crucial to getting people to attend, but it’s just as important to share during and after on your social media channels. We’ve provided a brief guide to sharing on social media before, during and after your event, so you can check one more item off your event planning to-do list


Create a Facebook event. The Facebook events feature allows you to include all the details of the event in one spot. Facebook events automatically post to your page and are also easily shareable by your customers. 

Generate a photo shot list. Put together a list of must-get photos and videos so when the day comes, you can focus on getting those shots. Be open to catching candid moments as they happen as well. 

Build excitement. Post in your Facebook event page and on your company’s page. Use polls in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what attendees are most looking forward to at the event. 


Respect your attendees’ privacy. Be respectful of attendees when taking photos and videos, asking permission before you take anyone’s photo. You also might want to have a photo release form on hand for people to sign.

Go live. Use Facebook Live and Instagram Live to share in real-time and encourage engagement with your audience, even if they can’t be there. 

Initiate social sharing opportunities. To encourage attendees to take their own photos and videos and share, offer a photo booth or backdrop and come up with a hashtag for them to share on their own pages. 


Post photos and videos. Sharing your event on social media after the event provides extra advertising for your company and builds excitement for the next event. 

Show your appreciation. Recognize and thank any sponsors, volunteers or special guests for attending and making the event possible. 

Retweet and repost. Pay attention to what attendees share on social media about your event and retweet or repost positive posts. 

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