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New Products – September 2023

Electronic Hearing Protector

The 3MTM Pro-Protect Electronic Hearing Protector with active microphones helps protect you from hazardous noises while also allowing you to hear the sounds around you. It is ideal for talking to your team, making calls or listening to music without taking off your hearing protection. Bluetooth® Wireless Technology seamlessly syncs with mobile devices and soft, conformable ear cushions provide all-day comfort. It is powered by two, easy-to-replace AA batteries (not included) so there’s no downtime and no need for outlets. It features a 60-plus hour battery life with four-hour auto shut-off and an NRR of 25dB.

3M | 3M.com

Water Alarm

The Watchdog 360° Water Alarm® has a patented design utilizing 360° Sensing TechnologyTM that allows it to detect water when placed on any side. The piercing, 110 dB alarm goes off in as little as 1⁄32 inches of water, so the problem is detected before a flood occurs or mold can grow. The water alarm can be placed anywhere a water leak may occur. Its slim design is perfect for protecting appliances—slide it between a washer and dryer, behind a fridge where the water line comes in or under a dishwasher.

Glentronics | glentronics.com

Tabletop Fire Pit

Colsen’s Hex Large Tabletop Fire Pit is fueled by smokeless and odorless rubbing alcohol and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is light and easy to transport, adds warmth and ambiance and can be used on your desk, side table in your living room, centerpiece for your main dining table or anywhere outdoors.

Colsen | colsenfirepits.com

Window Shades

Graber’s expanded Natural Shades collection includes new, refined fabrics handwoven from sustainable materials. Natural Shades are available with a range of lift control options and customizable light-filtering options like room darkening.

Springs Window Fashions | graberblinds.com

Snow Tube

The Glitter Galaxy Snow Tube uses RealPrint technology to replicate the deep space super region photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. This image is a wavelength composite of images featuring numerous galaxies and looks like twinkling stars in the sunlight. The snow tube comes with comfort grip handles that can navigate any snow hill.

PoolCandy | poolcandy.net


“The rubber handle prevents calluses on my fingers. I have been buying these for years for small projects, and they are especially great for painting trims.”—Rebecca McKenzie, Adelaide’s Paint & Decor



The Wooster Brush Co. Shortcut paintbrush comes with a flexible purple Shergrip® handle that adds comfort and maneuverability in tight spaces. The synthetic blend is ideal for all paints and water-based stains, and the brass-plated steel ferrule offers longevity.

The Wooster Brush Co. | woosterbrush.com

Satin Brass Knobs

The Baldwin® Prestige Torrey Pines collection goes to the next level thanks to a new finish. Polished to smooth perfection, this transitional design evokes luxury in any space. The Baldwin Prestige Satin Brass finish has a lifetime-limited warranty for as long as you own your home, so you can enjoy this statement piece for years to come.

Baldwin Hardware | baldwinhardware.com

Pet Hair Remover

The FurDozer X6 6-in-1 Pet Hair Remover is compact, portable and doesn’t require any power cords, allowing you to use it anywhere, at any time. It combines revolutionary design with hi-tech materials to work on all surfaces including carpets, cars, couches, clothes and more. The FurDozer X6 features six tools, including a multifeatured center pad, small squeegee, multiridged curved pad, serrated squeegee, large squeegee and crevice tool.

Neater Pets | neaterpets.com

Stovetop Spice Holder

The StoveShelf transforms the back of a stove into a storage rack to keep condiments, spices or oils at the ready. The shelf installs in seconds with magnets to ensure it’s wobble-free, and it works on flat and slightly curved surfaces. The built-in backstop keeps items from falling and the removable design is rental-home friendly. The shelf is made in the U.S. and comes in food-grade stainless steel, black or white finishes in three sizes: 20, 24 and 30 inches.

StoveShelf | stoveshelf.com

Sleep Sound Machine

The LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine uses state-of-the-art technology to generate dynamic, realistic fan sounds, white noises and ocean sounds to help block intrusive noises. It features 10 fan sounds, 10 white, pink and brown noises and two variations of ocean noise. The EVO includes a headphone connector and portable speaker to match your environment and sleep style.

Adaptive Sound Technologies | asticorp.com

Manual Lawn Coring Aerator

Yard Butler’s Manual Lawn Coring Aerator removes two 3-inch plugs. The tool is 37 inches long and includes a foot bar to provide extra leverage. It is made from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel and is rust-resistant.

Yard Butler | yardbutler.com

Fire Starter

Start a fire in seconds, even in the rain or snow or with damp, frozen or fresh-cut wood, with Pull Start Fire. The fire starter burns up to two and a half times hotter than leading brands and for over 30 minutes, and it comes with multiple built-in safety features to protect the user.

Pull Start Fire | pullstartfire.com

Interior and Exterior Paints

Miller Paint’s new Northwest Color Collection includes 132 fresh muted and contemporary hues carefully curated for balance, beauty and harmony. The colors make mixing and matching within the collection effortless, allowing designers to create a harmonious palette that is layered, comfortable and unique. The Northwest Color Collection can be mixed into all Miller Paint product lines, both interior and exterior.

Miller Paint | millerpaint.com or 503-255-0190

Closet Organizer System

Neat and minimalistic, the Value Closet Kit from Modular Closets doubles some hanging areas while still accommodating longer garments. With its neutral look blending into and even complementing any decor, this easy-to-install closet is a timeless favorite. The closet system is wall-mounted with the company’s patented cleat system and features eco-friendly wood production. The Value Closet Kit is available in white or grey.

Modular Closets | modularclosets.com

Decorative Workout Weight

Ubarre by Equipt can be used as a home decor piece, but also doubles as a workout weight. The Ubarre is a female-founded patented design and comes in four weights: 4, 8, 12 and 16 pounds. Choose from six colors to match any decor, including black, gold, charcoal, white, bronze and rose gold.

Equipt | equiptmovement.com

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