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May New Products

May New Products

spa showerheadSpa Showerhead
Nebia by Moen uses a patented water delivery system that provides more pressure and more coverage while using less water. It includes a magnetically docking handsprayer and all the tools needed for installation.

moen.com or 800-289-6636

safety glassesAnti-Fog Safety Glasses
Brass Knuckle® Spectrum™ safety glasses feature N-FOG™ anti-fog lens protection. It is permanently bonded to the lens and will not wash or wear off. The glasses also feature ratchet rubber temples for a custom fit and a second-generation PivotEase™ nose piece that slides up and down and pivots on a hinge for added secure fit.

Brass Knuckle
brassknuckleprotection.com or 770-674-8930

dryer ventDryer Exhaust Vent
Deflecto’s Airtight™ Galvanized Pipe with Wide Mouth Plastic Hood and Pest Guard is a 4-inch diameter dryer exhaust vent that features a damper to seal the vent when not in operation to prevent back drafts. It is pre-assembled with vent pipe and collar and includes a removable bird guard to keep birds and other pests from entering homes or nesting in the vent. The vent cover and bird guard are weather-resistant and include a UV inhibitor to prevent sun damage and cracking.
deflecto.com or 800-428-4328

utility cart claddingUtility Cart Cladding
KNAACK Cart Armor is designed to wrap around the eight most popular light-duty rolling tool carts used in the construction industry. The recessed lock design accommodates a variety of padlocks while preventing the lock from snagging on doorways, materials or clothing. It assembles with no exposed hardware and provides improved security, deterring thieves.

knaack.com or 800-456-7865

Double sided tapeDouble Sided Super Glue Tape
T-Rex® Double Sided Super Glue Tape instantly adheres to surfaces without staining them and will not bond to skin. It bonds to a variety of surfaces, including concrete, metal, wood, tile, glass, plastic, ceramic and fabric. T-Rex Double Sided Super Glue Tape is ideal for permanent mounting, as well as quick repairs.

Shurtape Technologies

power cutterBrushless Power Cutter
The LXT® Brushless 9-Inch Power Cutter by Makita has the power to cut through concrete, masonry and metal materials with all the benefits and convenience of cordless operation. It has a maximum cutting depth of 3 ½ inches and is ideal for masons, roofers, plumbers, remodelers, construction workers, landscape and hardscape workers, metal fabricators, commercial framers, pipe fitters, vehicle mechanics, firefighters and more. It is powered by the 18V LXT Cordless System and features an integrated water delivery system.

Makita USA Inc.
makitatools.com or 800-4625482

LED floodlightLED Floodlight
Bosch’s cordless, portable floodlight produces up to 10,000 lumens using a rechargeable 18V battery. It features Bluetooth® connectivity for remote operation, checking battery status and controlling the floodlight’s operation. It has three brightness settings: 10,000, 5,000 and 1,000 lumens. The floodlight is built with a solid metal body with two heavy-duty bars to protect the LED from impact and has an adjustable stand.

Bosch Tools
boschtools.com or 877-267-2499

drain pumpHeavy-Duty Drain Pump
The Saniswift Pro from Saniflo USA is a heavy-duty drain pump designed to handle commercial as well as residential drainage applications. It can handle gray water from up to three fixtures and is encased in a robust, corrosion-resistant exterior that can be installed in hard-to-reach spaces. The Saniswift Pro can be serviced without disconnecting any piping and discharges up to 18 gallons per minute.

Saniflo USA
saniflo.com or 800-571-8191

smart alarm clockSmart Alarm Clock
The Sandman Doppler™ Smart Clock features easy-to-read auto-dimming digits with changeable color options, six high-speed USB-A charging ports, a compact footprint and Bluetooth and Alexa connectivity. It supports streaming via Pandora, Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Audible and Deezer with support for Spotify and others coming soon. It also has two programmable buttons to integrate with smart home technology.

Palo Alto Innovation LLC

wood boring bitWood Boring Bit
Spyder STINGER™ Power Bits drill clean holes like Forstner bits and bore deep and straight like auger bits. They feature ¼-inch impact-rated speed hex shanks and a nonthreaded center-point tip with chip relief. For use on wood without nails.

Spyder Products
spyderproducts.com or 888-471-2239

bidet seatBidet Seat
The Discovery DLS Bidet Seat by Bemis features a self-cleaning nozzle, built-in UV sterilization, a three-stage warm air dryer and low-profile design. The auto open/close seat has a built-in occupancy sensor and adjustable temperature controls. Discovery DLS fits elongated toilet bowls and includes a wireless remote control.

biobidet.com or 847-458-2334

disinfectant light bulbDisinfectant Lighting
Globe Electric’s Near-UV Disinfectant Bulb kills up to 99 percent of germs, bacteria and other harmful pathogens from up to 9 feet away. Its standard (A19) shape and base (E26) allows the bulb to be installed in most fixtures, sockets and lamps. Dual mode allows users to switch between Near-UV disinfecting light and standard white light (3000K). Near-UV light will not fade or damage clothing, fabrics or paint. Near-UV is not effective against viruses.

Globe Electric

lineman's pliersDual Material Lineman’s Pliers
Crescent Z2 9 ½ inch Dual Material Lineman’s Pliers feature a high leverage joint design that provides up to 35 percent greater cutting power. Laser-hardened cutting edges cut clean and remain sharp up to 50 percent longer. The pliers have cross-hatched jaws for gripping and pulling, ergonomic handles and a fish tape channel for use with flat steel tapes.

Apex Tool Group
crescenttool.com or 800-650-8665

clampsJag Clamps
These clamps are quick and safe to use for vertical and horizontal line holding. They provide secure gripping power, strong enough to hold long courses on brick, block, fencing and more. A string notch holds line in place when maneuvering.

bontool.com or 800-444-7060

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