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Explore Resources to Improve Your Key Retail Metrics

In the April edition of Hardware Retailing, explore how keeping a sharp focus on the key retail metrics that define your business can help you streamline your operation.

Now, get more resources to help you identify and improve your business’s metrics as you strategize for success in 2021 and beyond. Take a look at the resources compiled here to learn more about how evaluating the core figures that define your business can help you improve conversion rates, boost employee productivity and better grasp your occupancy costs.

Downloadable Resources
Key Retail Metrics Employee Handbook
Improving key retail metrics is a teamwide effort. In this handy guide, explore the four metrics retailers are tracking in 2021 and alongside each, get three quick tips to help you strengthen the metric in the months ahead.


Financial Terms Glossary
Guide your team through useful retail terms and formulas with this easy-to-use guide. Share with your accounting team, managers and any other interested team member to help grow their financial knowledge.

Taking Care of Business: Episode 37 – Dave Gowan
In this episode of Taking Care of Business, learn more about retail metrics from NHPA’s CFO Dave Gowan, who discusses the importance of managing your business using these core figures. Also, learn how you can participate in this year’s Cost of Doing Business Study.


Tell Me More: Episode 29 – Brett Thorne
Brett Thorne of Thorne Lumber Company in Chillicothe, Missouri, returns to share updates on how his business has fared during COVID-19 and the ways regularly reviewing his key retail metrics has helped him become a more agile retailer.

Stream an informative webinar sponsored by Epicor and presented by the North American Hardware and Paint Association to analyze the ways core retail figures influence every aspect of your operation. Plus, get insight from Epicor on how you can use your POS technology to gather the data you need to calculate your metrics easily.

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