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Insulated Gloves to Keep the Outdoor Work Going

Even though it’s winter, there is still work that needs to be completed outside. Stocking insulated gloves will help contractors and DIYers alike to continue their projects through the winter months. Though it may seem like a higher price point investment, these gloves are designed to last for several seasons, making the purchase a worthwhile investment. 

Carhartt is a trusted brand known for their leather work coats, and they offer insulated work gloves to match their coats and keep individuals working outside even in extremely cold weather. With a strap to secure the gloves to the wrist, the extra insulation and waterproof exterior keep fingers warm to get the job done. 

Milwaukee offers waterproof and windproof gloves in various sizes to fit anyone who needs to work outside. The insulation around each finger is designed to give hands all day warmth to them. Each knuckle has SMARTSWIPE technology to make using phones and touch screens simple and quick without having to take off the glove.

Mechanix Wear has a variety of insulated gloves, ranging from simple insulation, to waterproof and wind-resistant gloves for any type of project no matter the weather. The range of gloves helps to fit whatever a customer needs for any project including insulation up to -40 F degrees. No matter what kind of project your customer is working on, insulated gloves in the winter are key to keeping them going for longer periods of time.

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