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Hot Products – Mar. 18, 2020

Sashco CleanzActive Enzyme Caulk
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Cleanz is an active enzyme caulk formulated to stop mold before it grows. The active enzymes in Cleanz break down mold-feeding oils, keeping your caulk clean without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. It is suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, is low-odor and cleans up with water.

800-767-5656 or sashco.com

Utility DrinkerUtility Drinker
This field and barn watering tank from Pride of the Farm® has a lift off tank for easy cleaning and transport. The base includes six 5.5-inch fill openings, ideal for sheep, pigs or poultry. They are Made in USA.

Pride of the Farm
800-553-1791 or prideofthefarm.com

Chicken CoopChicken Coop
This lightweight, insulated, double-walled coop snaps together for quick set up and can be locked to keep predators out. They are Made in USA.
Snap Lock Chicken Coop
800-310-3867 or snaplockchickencoops.com

Revenge Ant KillerAnt Killer Granules
Used as a perimeter barrier or broadcast, Bonide Revenge® Ant Killer Granules kills ants, fleas, ticks and dozens of other insects, keeping people, pets and poultry safe. Available in 1.5 pound and 4 pound containers.

888-562-7744 or bonide.com

Beefsteak TomatoesBeefsteak Tomatoes
A growing interest in the local food movement is driving people to grow food like tomatoes in patio containers and raised beds. Burpee®’s tried-and-true Beefsteak variety is meaty and firm, good for salads and sandwiches.


Mason Bees KitMason Bees Starter Kit
Organic Control, Inc. promotes and sells beneficial insects as an alternative to chemical pest control and plant pollination. The Mason Bees kit helps users safely introduce bees to yards and gardens. The kit contains a nest, instruction book and a certificate for six live bees.

Organic Control, Inc.

Bird FeederBird Feeder
From Heath® Outdoor Products, the Wishing Well Infinity Feeder bird feeder holds up to five pounds of seed and has six feeding ports. The open platform feeder encourages birds to stay longer for better viewing. It is suitable for cardinals, woodpeckers, finches and chickadees.
Heath Outdoor Products
616-997-8181 or heathmfg.com

Bucket HoodieBucket Cover
Bucket Hoodie is a flexible, durable bucket lid with two strong handles and zippered opening that fits tight under standard 4, 5 and 6 gallon bucket rims to extend usable space and prevent spillage. The innovative product is available in several colors, including camo.

Bucket Hoodie
218-382-3737 or buckethoodie.com

CatTongue GripsNonabrasive Grip Tape
This new antislip, adhesive tape from CatTongue® Grips comes in a 2-inch wide by 10-foot length roll and can be used on home goods, hardware, instruments, carpets and outdoor items. Perfect for slippery tool handles, the tape is waterproof and durable for long-lasting application.

CatTongue Grips

Toilet Tank Repair KitToilet Tank Repair Kit
The most common toilet repair problems are a damaged flush valve, broken flapper or toilet leaks. Fluidmaster’s Everything Toilet Tank Repair Kit contains all the necessary components for repair and eliminates extra trips to the store for an unknown part or tool, saving time and money. It is is made with durable materials and a universal design to fit all toilet types and is backed by Fluidmaster’s 7-year warranty.

949-728-2000 or fluidmaster.com

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