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Hot Products – August 3, 2022

ant baitsChild-Resistant Ant Baits
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RESCUE! Ant Baits are tested and proven to be child-resistant. The gel formula won’t spill out of the bait station, keeping the floor clean and kids and pets safe. It uses two baits–a sugar and a protein–to lure more ants for a faster and more complete kill. Place the bait anywhere around the house for visible results overnight. Like all RESCUE!® products, Ant Baits are 100% made in the U.S.

Rescue! | antbaits.com

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The MORF L650 Headlamp from Police Security Flashlights is a 2-in-1 innovative headlamp with a detachable, rechargeable magnetic lantern and flashlight combination. Engineered with 650 brilliant lumens, a 45-degree pivoting base for enhanced focus and a hidden carabiner to MORF the detachable flashlight into a versatile hanging lantern. The hard hat compatible L650 comes equipped with four AA alkaline batteries, allowing it to be ready to go right out of the package.

Police Security | policesecurity.com

multi-surface waterprooferMulti-Surface Waterproofer
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INSL-X® Multi-Surface Waterproofer protects and extends the life of many exterior surfaces. It uses a siloxane-based formula to penetrate and waterproof the surface without changing its natural look or texture. The Multi-Surface Waterproofer is ideal for use on vertical or horizontal surfaces, including concrete, brick, wood, masonry, stucco and more.

Benjamin Moore | benjaminmoore.com

sand prep stickSand Prep Stick
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The Sand Prep Stick coats and lubricates sandpaper, abrasive belts and discs. It lowers operating temperatures of abrasive belts and discs to reduce loading. It extends the life of power-driven sandpapers and reduces changeovers of sanding belts. The Sand Prep Stick is made and packaged entirely in the U.S.

Dico Products | dicoproducts.com or 315-797-9088

Rust Preventer
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Rust Patrol® protects, penetrates, lubricates and repels water. Rust Patrol® is easy to use on a variety of metals and lasts four times longer than the competition. In rain or shine, outside or inside, Rust Patrol® prevents and stops rust.

Rust Patrol | rustpatrol.com or 800-396-8400

plant foodSlow-Release Plant Food
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Schultz Nursery Plus Slow-Release Plant Food bases the release rate of the specially coated slow-release nitrogen granules on soil temperature, not moisture level. Therefore, an increase in soil temperature causes the slow-release nitrogen granules to respond, providing predictable and continuous feeding for up to three months that ordinary evergreen, tree and shrub food without slow-release nitrogen can’t deliver.

Schultz | knoxfert.com/Schultz

plant foodAll-Purpose Plant Food
Natural & Organic All-Purpose Plant Food has been specifically formulated for herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables and houseplants. It’s 100% plant and mineral based and sustainably made with no synthetic chemicals or animal waste from big factory farms. The no-burn formula makes it easy to use. NPK: 2-3-3.

Back to the Roots | backtotheroots.com or 510-922-9758

outdoor utility tableOutdoor Utility Table
The PECOS Table is a portable, outdoor utility table that features extendable legs that store on the bottom of the table to minimize storage space requirements. Each leg extends 1 ½ inches and has orbital feet to provide even footing on uneven terrain. In addition, the table accepts a variety of clip-on attachments that customize the table for specific uses.

PECOSOutdoor | pecosoutdoor.com

knee padsHeavy-Duty Knee Pads
Brass Knuckle BKKN200 Heavy-Duty Knee Pads provide all-day protection with a hard, contoured polyethylene cap. The knee pad conforms to the shape of the knee cap to enhance patella stability and reduce risks of impact and injury. The rounded, abrasion-resistant cap allows for safer pivoting and heavy-duty work on the knees, while foam padding throughout maximizes wearer comfort. It is one-size with an adjustable strap to keep the pad where it should be.

Brass Knuckle® Protection | brassknuckleprotection.com or 770-674-8930

adhesive resinGeneral Purpose Adhesive Resin
MasterEmaco ADH 502 is a general purpose two-component, non-sag epoxy for cap seal adhesive and repair applications. Its non-sag property is ideal for bonding most materials and ideal for both overhead and vertical repairs, using a standard caulking gun. It is low odor, solvent-free and moisture insensitive and cures hard in three hours. It is acceptable for use in USDA-inspected facilities and UL-certified for drinking water systems.

Master® Builders Solutions | master-builders-solutions.com

beeswax pasteBeeswax Paste
Interstate Woodworks Beeswax Paste is hand mixed in small batches, all-natural and nontoxic. Beeswax Paste is perfect for cutting boards, bowls, wooden spoons or any woodworking project whether it needs to be food safe or not. It brings new life to old, faded furniture finishes and is a great chalk paint sealer. Beeswax Paste is easy to apply, penetrates, seals and leaves a beautiful, velvety luster. Please contact Interstate Woodworks for a free sample.

Interstate Woodworks | bwaxpaste@gmail.com or 203-506-0966

hobby knife setHobby Knife Set
The BLACK+DECKER Hobby Knife Kit is a 26-blade assortment suitable for cutting a wide variety of materials including paper, card stock, soft woods and more. The Hobby Knife’s handle is designed for comfort, using oversold material and contours to provide support for diners over extended periods of use. The kit also includes a self-healing cutting mat and a metal rule.

Black + Decker | blackanddecker.com or edelyn.contreras@sbdinc.com

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