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Hot Products – August 16, 2023

Hard Hat

Reinvented from the inside out, 3M™ SecureFit™ Hard Hats feature Patented Pressure Diffusion Technology, incorporating self-adjusting front paddles along the forehead. This 4-point ratchet suspension system flexes and self adjusts to the size of the wearer’s head, reducing forehead pressure and increasing comfort for all-day wear. Further personalize the fit with multiple levels of height adjustment, and a breathable, washable sweatband helps keep you cool and dry.

3M | 3M.com/SafetyHardHats

Long-Lasting Repairs and More

Discover the reliability of Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty®—a favored option for carpenters, woodworkers, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts seeking long-lasting repairs. Adding water transforms the powder formula into a nonflammable, nonshrinking putty that dries Rock Hard®. Experience hassle-free application and lasting results without any unpleasant odors.

Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty | durhamswaterputty.com

Hand Lotion
Gloves In A Bottle Hand Shielding Lotion is fragrance- and colorant-free, lasting four to 12 hours or more and does not wash off. This relief cream protects and repairs hands from eczema, irritation, dryness and severe cracking. Its light-weight, nongreasy formula absorbs immediately providing quick relief.

Gloves in a Bottle | glovesinabottle.com or 800-600-1881

Portable Generator
The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station is the first portable home battery designed for home backup with a 3.6-25kWh expandable capacity and 3600W-7200W AC output for 99% of appliances. It can be recharged at thousands of EV stations worldwide and features a long-lasting LFP battery that functions for  up to 10 years.

EcoFlow US | us.ecoflow.com or 800-368-8604

Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum® pairs the trusted long-lasting durability of Stops Rust Gloss Protective Enamel with its Turbo Spray System® to unleash four times more paint per second. The tall fan tip coats the surface faster, and the mega-sized 24 ounce can of paint is ideal for large pieces and projects.

Rustoleum | rustoleum.com

Savory Snack

Iowa Smokehouse’s Country Style Meat Sticks Original are individually packaged and made of 100% U.S. pork.

Preferred Wholesale | iowasmokehouse.com or 800-434-7695

Sun Protection 
The BOLT™ Sun Visor with Sunshade provides 360-degree UV protection for everyday wear. It can clip onto any Milwaukee, and most professional, helmets or hard hats. It has a tinted brim to reduce glare without reducing upward vision and is antimicrobial to prevent odor and bacteria. When flipped back into retention slots, the front visor can be used with a face shield or eye protection.

Milwaukee Tool | milwaukeetool.com or 800-729-3878

Snow Sled
The ​​48″ SnoCruiser Two-Rider Toboggan has built-in holes for consumers to add a tow rope and built-in hand grips with heavy ribbed construction. Its sled tip has a large grip opening for easier carrying and durable molded-in tracking rails.

Emsco Group | emscogroup.com or 800-458-0839

Adhesive Grip
The CatTongue Grips’ Non-Abrasive Gription® Roll adhesive can attach to anything, offering a stable grip when necessary. The adhesive is easy to use, nonabrasive and waterproof. The Non-Abrasive Gription® Roll is made with HDPE plastic, which is soft, lightweight, flexible, strong and impact-resistant. It is eco-friendly and allergy-and-irritant-free.

CatTongue Grips | cattonguegrips.com

Wood Restoration
Rot is a fungus that can spread quickly, infecting and then destroying sound wood in its path. Replacing rotted wood can be expensive or time-consuming, but the EndRot system is a solution that provides complete wood repair and restoration. It stops the progression of wood rot and decay fungi, restores rot or insect-damaged wood and protects wood for many years.

System Three Resins | systemthree.com or 800-333-5514

Universal Alkyd Primer/Sealer
SEAL GRIP® Interior/Exterior Universal Alkyd Primer/Sealer is formulated to meet the performance requirements of residential and commercial markets. SEAL GRIP® Interior/Exterior Alkyd Universal Primer/Sealer provides both excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces and stain blocking over a variety of common stains including water, nicotine, smoke, ink, markers and wood tannin stains. It can be recoated in 4 hours, and unlike other fast dry oil primers, it is suitable for all exterior surfaces.

PPG | ppgpaints.com

Potting Soil
Happy Frog® Potting Soil is amended with soil microbes that can help improve root efficiency and encourage nutrient uptake. Between the earthworm castings, bat guano and aged forest products, plants will receive their required nutrient intake with this one product.

FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer | foxfarm.com or 800-436-9327

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