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Attract Customers With High-End Loyalty Perks

If your wholesaler offers a customer loyalty program, you’re likely a participant because you recognize the value of tracking customer purchases and collecting data. But there are opportunities to go beyond the traditional loyalty program to offer customers a truly unique and personalized shopping experience and increase your sales per customer.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal outlined several ways department stores attract high-end shoppers. See how these perks can apply to your operation and consider implementing them to reward your best customers and boost business.

  • Host members’ only events. According to The Wall Street Journal, Nordstrom brings in its top-spending customers through exclusive dinner events with fashion designers. You can reimagine this type of exclusivity in your business by hosting an event for your loyalty program customers that features a specific vendor or product line. Especially if it’s a new launch, invite the people who shop most often to be the first to see and interact with the products. These events also make great opportunities to excite your professional customer base. Fashion retailer J. Crew hosts breakfast events and invites customers in an hour before the store opens for a meal and an exclusive shopping experience.
  • Offer an additional discount or gift with purchase. One way to build participation in your loyalty program is to offer an incentive to sign up. Macy’s gives its platinum credit card holders exclusive access to rehearsals for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For a slimmed down version of that reward, consider tacking on extra 5 percent for new registrations. You can also select a product of the month that members get as a gift with purchases over a certain dollar amount. Advertise these types of promotions during slow times to boost your customer count.
  • Make membership special with unexpected perks. Send unique coupons and buying opportunities to your top customers and thank them for their continued support of your business. Whether it’s a surprise 20 percent off coupon, a $5 gift card or a members-only raffle for a high-end prize, continually find ways to make your loyalty program members feel valued. It’s OK to offer higher-cost perks infrequently. Your most loyal customers will be excited for a chance to spend a little more time in your aisles to find the perfect item use their reward on, and they likely will put a few extra items in their carts to make up the difference.

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