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Amanda Bell was an assistant editor of Hardware Retailing and NRHA. Amanda regularly visited with home improvement retailers across the country and attended industry events and seminars. She earned a degree in magazine journalism from Ball State University and has received honors for her work for Hardware Retailing from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

Language of Leadership: Constructive Versus Destructive

Jeremy Kinsley was a guest on Entrepreneur’s Insight radio show talks about how inspired leaders produce results. While many people are given the title of leader, a lot of them don’t elicit results because they don’t communicate in a way that inspires action …

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Insect Killer Concentrate

EcoSMART® Organic™ Insecticide Organic Insect Killer Concentrate for Lawns & Landscapes kills and repels more than 100 pests and can be used on lawns, around home perimeters, ornamentals, trees and shrubs with an environmentally safe, non-toxic formula. It treats up …

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Color-Enhanced Garden Mulch

Nature Scapes® Advanced Mulch with Water Smart™ can save up to 30 percent more water than ordinary mulch and keeps its color for one full year. A three-inch layer of Scotts Nature Scapes Advanced Color Enhanced Mulch also naturally prevents weeds by …

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Decorative mailboxes have curvier edges to increase aesthetic appeal and a sturdy, secure lock for mail protection. Mailboxes come in a variety of styles, each of which has its own unique features to increase style and functionality. For more information, click here.

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Odor Remover

The Bad Air Sponge uses a patented formula comprised of natural ingredients that entrap and neutralize odor-causing molecules. It works by neutralizing odor molecules in the air as well as pulling out and neutralizing odors from porous materials. The Bad Air …

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Dealing With Online Reviews

Nearly 90 percent of consumers check online reviews to learn more about a product, service or business, yet most businesses owners don’t know to garner the power of a positive review or mitigate the negative of a poor one. Use …

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Vertical Gardening System

Woolly Pockets are made from 100-percent recycled plastic water bottles. Soft-sided, breathable and modular, Woolly Pockets are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use; felt absorbs water and evenly wicks water down to plants’ roots, while an internal moisture barrier …

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Say Goodbye to Credit Card Swipes and Signatures

Starting October 2015, MasterCard and Visa will usher in a major change in the U.S. credit card industry.  Credit cards will have microchips in them.  Consumers will use PIN numbers instead of signing credit card receipts.  And consumers will insert …

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