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Retailers' Choice Awards

2022 Retailers’ Choice Awards

New Innovations for Summer Product Mixes

For the past 56 years, the Retailers’ Choice Awards have shared insights from independent retailers on the best products on display at the National Hardware Show.

The awards, presented by the North American Hardware and Paint Association during the show in Las Vegas, honor manufacturers for their innovation.

The Retailers’ Choice Awards differ from most award programs in that they rely on the opinions of actual retailers who know what their peers need in a product to attract customers. The judges were all independent home improvement retailers who walked the show floor and selected products they felt were unique and interesting.

This year’s panel included:

Keeping scrolling to discover which products retailers felt had the most potential to excite customers and boost sales in their operation.

constructor engineering setConstructor Engineering Sets
The Constructor Engineering set line helps hone children’s STEM skills while simultaneously providing them a great time. Constructor Engineering sets can enhance the STEM skills of critical thinking, spatial awareness, problem-solving, innovation, adaptability and more.

Red Toolbox | red-toolbox.com

infrared gazebo heaterInfrared Gazebo Heater
The Westinghouse™ HEA-21568 hanging water-resistant gazebo infrared heater uses clean and odorless infrared technology so it is completely safe for family, friends and relatives. The heat can be adjusted to 700 or 1500 watts, and it features LED ambient lighting and has a remote control. The HEA-21568 is ideal for gazebos, patios, balconies, workshops, garages and more. It uses standard 110V, 60Hz household electricity and has a 5,000-hour life expectancy.

EBI Distribution | westinghouse-ebi.com

pellet heater griddle topPellet Heater Griddle Top
The griddle top for Timber Heaters allows users to cook their favorite meals and enjoy the ambiance of a wood fire all at once. The griddle is another accessory that accompanies Timber Stoves’ one-of-a-kind gravity fed pellet heaters. It features easy on and off for storage and portability and over 400 square inches of cooking area. Users can prepare party-sized meals and keep their guests warm and fed. The griddle top is made in the U.S.

Timber Stoves | woodpelletproducts.com

mosquito trapMosquito Trap
The Enoz Trap N Kill A-G-O Mosquito Trap works by imitating a breeding spot for mosquitoes. The design allows mosquitoes to enter the chamber where they will be unable to escape due to the metal screen and sticky trap inside. It controls mosquitoes that may carry West Nile virus, Dengue Fever, yellow fever and Chikungunya. Trap N Kill A-G-O Mosquito trap offers season-long mosquito control.

Willert Home Products | willert.com or 800-325-9680

solar powered portable batterySolar Powered Portable Battery
The Lion Safari LT™ is a portable lithium solar generator that can power a variety of devices like phones, computers, lights, grills, CPAP machines and more. It can be recharged in just over three hours from the wall using the fast charger, from the sun using solar panels or even using a vehicle’s 12V output. It is lightweight, weighing just over 10 lbs, and has 1000+ life cycles with 500W output.

Lion Energy | lionenergy.com

stemmed glassware holderStemmed Glassware Holder
The wineGrasp® is a stemmed glassware holder that solves the problem of where to set a top-heavy stemmed glass when the hands need to be free to Grasp the Good Times™. The sturdy spring and rubber padded grips allow wineGrasp to firmly grip surfaces up to 1 inch thick and safely hold a glass with 10 ounces of fluid. The wineGrasp is made in the U.S. and works with wine, martini and margarita glasses and even champagne flutes.

wineGrasp | winegraspco.com

portable sawhorsePortable Sawhorse
BORA Tool’s Speedhorse™ is the ultimate upgrade for job sites, workspaces or workshops. With quick-deploy and quick-collapse legs, set up and tear down are instant. Each sawhorse has best-in-class weight capacity with support up to 1,500 lbs. Nonsequential leg folding lets workers fold in either leg first when closing. The longer top provides more length and more stability, and the pre-drilled holes allow workers to screw in a 2×4 as a sacrificial top, saving equipment from damage.

BORA Tool | boratool.com

wing seasoningWing Seasoning
Fire & Flavor’s Wing Finishes are intended to be used after grilling chicken wings ‘naked’. Simply toss generously in a bowl while still hot. These award-winning products come in three flavors: Sea Salt & Vinegar, Lemon Pepper and Georgia Q.

Fire & Flavor | fireandflavor.com or 866-728-8332

wheelbarrow garden trayWheelbarrow Garden Tray
The Burro Buddy is an organizational garden tray that sits on 4-, 5- or 6- cubic foot wheelbarrows. It holds long handle tools, short handle tools, drinks and even has a water-resistant compartment for cell phones. The Burro Buddy keeps tools organized and in one place so workers make fewer trips going back and forth. It is made in the U.S.

The Little Burros | littleburros.com

hose bib faucet handleHose Bib Faucet Handle
Faucet Grip attaches quickly and easily to any existing latticework or “T” type hose bib faucet handle. It provides leverage so that anyone can tighten the faucet to eliminate wasteful leaks or turn the water back on. Faucet Grip makes a great gift for people with small, weak or senior hands, arthritis or other disabilities or even just wet hands.

Faucet Grip, Inc. | faucetgrip.com

gutter guardDIY and Pro Installed Gutter Guards
Gutterglove® is an innovation company focused on products, programs and technology for the home improvement space. They manufacture the Nation’s Most Trusted Gutter Guards® made with stainless steel micro-mesh that can filter out even the finest debris. Gutterglove has patents for its advanced technology such as the trough that maximizes water filtration and the v-bend design that creates rigidity throughout the guard. Gutterglove is the leading gutter guard in its category with 180,000+ reviews.

Gutterglove | gutterglove.com or 877-662-5644

isolation valveIsolation Valve
The Easyfit Isolator is a quick-fit, permanent plumbing isolation valve for pressurized systems. There’s no need to shut down an entire system to work on a single fixture or section of pipe. Just clamp, cut and isolate.

EasyFit Isolator USA | easyfitisolator.us

solitary bee hiveSolitary Bee Hive
The Solitary Bee Hive is one of Wildlife World’s best-selling and most exciting wildlife-friendly products for the garden. Each of the hole sizes of this bee habitat has been specifically designed for solitary bees like the Mason Bee. Built from durable, sustainable timber, its stacking trays can be opened and inspected, giving you a glimpse into the secretive world of these friendly, nonswarming bees that are vital to the pollination of our backyards, trees and community vegetable gardens.

Wildlife World | wildlifeworld.co.uk

dashboard phone mountDashboard Phone Mount
This Apple® MagSafe® compatible dash kit allows drivers to mount and secure MagSafe iPhones onto car dashboards for hands-free viewing, providing a secure magnetic hold with smooth 360º rotation. The Dash Kit includes an Orbiter Plus Magnetic Socket, dash mount and optional metal ring. The Orbiter Plus Magnetic Socket is specially designed to align with the magnets inside MagSafe iPhones, cases and chargers and features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicone center.

Nite Ize | niteize.com

gate lockGate Lock
YARDLOCK’s Gate Lock features an easy-to-use no-battery system. It can be opened from both the inside or the outside of the gate. The protective latch cover prevents people from reaching over the fence to easily operate the latch, and it can double as a key box for a house’s spare keys. Gate Lock is weather-proof and won’t freeze or rust. It can be installed on wood or vinyl posts of various sizes.

YARDLOCK CORP. | yardlock.com or sales@yardlock.com

corner connectorCorner Connector
The Simpson Strong-Tie® APRTC2 corner connector is uniquely designed to install easier and stronger than angled fastening. Manufactured to high-quality standards to ensure solid performance, this connector features ZMAX® galvanization with a black powder-coat finish for added corrosion resistance. As part of the Outdoor Accents® Accessories line, this decorative hardware connector can be used with either the Mission Collection® or Avant Collection™, as well as separately to add flair to any outdoor project.

Simpson Strong-Tie | strongtie.com or 800-999-5099

seed ball kitSeed Ball Kit
Make up to 20 seed balls with Modern Sprouts’ Seed Ball Kits. They include all the essentials needed to make up to 20 nutrient-rich seed balls, along with planting instructions for starting a bountiful garden.

MODERN SPROUT | modsprout.com


insect bite reliefInsect Bite Relief
As seen on Shark Tank, Bug Bite Thing is a chemical-free solution that instantly alleviates the stinging, itching and swelling caused by insect bites and stings. The award-winning tool uses suction to remove the insect saliva or venom left underneath the skin. By removing the irritant, the body stops reacting. Bug Bite Thing is Amazon.com’s No. 1 selling product for insect bite relief with over 45,000 reviews and is compact, reusable and safe to use on children of all ages and adults.

Bug Bite Thing | bugbitething.com

portable disposable grillPortable Disposable Grill
CasusGrill is made of sustainable, biodegradable materials. The lava stones can even be returned to nature and used to improve soil. It features lightweight thermal insulation to reduce the risk of burn damage and creates a high, even temperature that ensures food is properly cooked. Quick Oxylite™ provides 600 F heat for cooking in five minutes, and the grill can cook for about 60 minutes with no bad taste or smell of lighter fluid. CasusGrill can be disposed of in a bonfire and leaves no trash behind in nature.

CasusGrill ApS | casusgrill.com

outdoor pizza ovenOutdoor Pizza Oven
Perfect for the backyard or on the go, the HALO Versa 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven provides an excellent outdoor cooking experience. Through innovative design, it features a patent-pending dual burner system, a battery-powered rotating cooking stone, a hinged lid and a hook up for either a 1-pound or 20-pound propane tank.

Halo Products Group | halo-pg.com or 833-572-1688

propane cylinderPropane Cylinder & Exchange Program
Little Kamper 1-pound propane tank exchange is the sustainable alternative to disposable propane tanks. The tanks are designed for up to 12 years of reuse and the Little Kamper retailer program includes free shipping via FedEx Ground and a shelf-top POP at no extra cost. Little Kamper tanks are delivered pre-filled and ready to sell. Empty tanks from exchange transactions are returned to Little Kamper production centers to be refilled and reused. Little Kamper propane is now available at Yosemite, Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks.

Little Kamper LP | littlekamper.com

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