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New Products

New Products – June 2024

Light Switch

The SwitchLight is an innovative light switch cover plate with built-in LED lights that are activated by an automatic dusk-to-dawn on/off sensor. It can be quickly installed without any wires, batteries or electrician required. The SwitchLight provides beautiful night accent lighting for your home and makes it easy to spot your light switches in the dark.

SnapPower | snappower.com

Terracotta Tiles

With glazed terracotta tiles, mosaics and trims in five designs, the Traces Terracotta collection from Country Floors showcases organic modern interior design. Inspired by the tones of the Greek islands, the minimalist colors of white, beige, brown and blue bring a soothing touch. The glazed finish provides a handmade, artisanal look, creating welcoming spaces. Photo courtesy of Country Floors
Country Floors | countryfloors.com

Construction Adhesive

DAP HD Max Construction Adhesive is a high-performance, premium moisture-curing adhesive that bonds in extreme temperatures. This adhesive delivers a durable and waterproof bond, provides adhesion to nonporous building materials and is available in 9-ounce and 28-ounce tubes.

DAP Global | dap.com

Deck Spacer

The Deckhand Spacer Pro is an all-in-one deck spacing tool made from Grade A steel, providing extreme durability. It is coated with a high-gloss black powder to protect against rust. With accurate cutouts for 12-, 16- and 24-inch center spacing, the Deckhand Spacer Pro saves time and ensures accuracy when building a deck.

The Deckhand Company | deckhandtools.com

Children’s Tape Measure

“Lola” is a bird-themed tape measure for all children’s projects and activities. Measuring 8 feet, this retractable measuring tape provides reach while being compact. Along with offering measuring capabilities, the eye of the bird is a level.

Handy Famm | handyfamm.com

Tabletop Planter

The Savannah Planter is a patent-pending tabletop centerpiece that comes in three colors. It is made of high-density polyurethane plastic that fits onto a patio table or on ground umbrellas. The planter was made in memory of Savannah Erwin, with every planter including a free packet of “Savannah Sunflowers” and a portion of every purchase going toward the Savannah Erwin Memorial Fund.

The Savannah Planter | savannahplanter.com

Adjustable Belt

The Groove Belt® Ultra is a lightweight, durable and versatile belt featuring a nonslip locking bar mechanism, curved polymer buckle and thin webbing for a secure and lightweight feel. It is machine-washable, made in the U.S. and backed by Groove Life’s 94-year warranty.

Groove Life Corp. | groovelife.com

Smokeless Firepit

Weighing only 20 pounds, the Bonfire 2.0 is a smokeless firepit built for the backyard and beyond. It is crafted with a double wall that offers superior airflow. Flames get 400 degrees hotter than conventional fires, eliminating smoke and creating fine ash. Cleanup is also easy with no tools required—simply remove the ash pan under the base and empty.

Solo Stove | solostove.com

Water Absorbing Crystals

Oatey® Liquilock™ Water Absorbing Crystals solidify water in four to five minutes to help prevent drips and leaks when removing toilet fixtures or replacing old water heaters. The nontoxic, biodegradable gel dissolves when additional water is added. It is septic tank-friendly and flushes away with water once toilet repair is complete.

Oatey | oatey.com

Drop Cloth Pads

Designed specifically with small spaces in mind, FrogTape™ Drop Cloth Pads make it easy to protect the floors and other surfaces when painting. The leak-proof liner protects the floors below, while the slip-resistant bottom holds the pad in place, helping to provide a safer surface for standing and working. The drop cloth pads are also a great spot to place paint or other supplies and can be easily moved around any room.

Frogtape | frogtape.com

Wood Grill Scraper

The Woody Paddle is an all-natural barbecue cleaning tool and wood grill scraper. It is an alternative to the old metal wire brush and its custom grooves uniquely fit the barbecue grill without having to worry about damaging grill grates or metal bristles getting into the food.

Thompson Brothers & Company | greatscrape.com

Caramel Puffcorn

From Real Soda Midwest, Puff Happens are crunchy and chewy puffcorn covered in a salted caramel coating. Each 10-ounce bag has a nine-month shelf life.

Real Soda Midwest | realsodamidwest.com

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