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Top Tools to Lay Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has become easier for the DIYer to lay, including many peel-and-stick options and click-lock options. Even with the increased ease of use, DIYers still need certain tools to lay their floors. By stocking these tools, you become the go-to place for customers and can also boost sales through these add-on items. 

Tape Measure. Laying flooring requires numerous cuts; using a quality tape measure and following the old adage of measure twice and cut once will make the job of laying floors go smoother. The Dewalt Atomic Compact Series offers a compact design with more control during measuring and features fractional blade graphics for easy measuring and durable blade coating for longer blade life. 

Tapping Block. Using a tapping block protects the edge of tongue-and-groove laminate and wood flooring when tapping the pieces into place during installation. The Roberts Tapping Block is made with a high-density polypropylene base to provide extended product life, and the 20-inch profile equally distributes maximum tapping force.

Rubber Mallet. Rather than using a hammer that can damage the edges of the flooring, a white rubber mallet helps pound pieces into place without leaving marks. Made by Bon Tool, the Trade Tough Rubber Mallet comes with an 11-inch wood handle and nonmarking white rubber head. 

Jig Saw. Easier and cleaner than using a table or chop saw, a jig saw is an easy way to cut floor pieces to length and cut around floor registers and outlets. The Skil 5.5A Orbital Action Jigsaw has a unique stable foot design that provides more control when starting a cut, and the four-position orbital cut control has two settings: fast or smooth.

Utility Knife. A sharp utility knife is ideal for cutting the laminate flooring underlayment and can be used to trim small pieces of flooring.

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