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The Wonderful World of Wallpaper: How to Tap into a Resurging Trend

Like most design trends, history repeats itself. As many DIYers are opting for wallpaper instead of paint during their remodel, this is a time for your store to tap into this design trend.

The global market size of the wallpaper industry is expected to grow 3.59% by 2029, reaching a value of $2.69 billion.

Adding an accent wall or covering an entire room in wallpaper is a resurging way that homeowners are adding a personal touch in whatever pattern or hue they prefer. Stocking multiple types of wallpaper is also important. Some customers may be looking for easier applications like peel and stick, compared to the labor-intensive, pasted wallpaper. If you’re looking to break into this product, Hardware Retailing has gathered a few different wallpaper options to give your customers plenty of options at different price points.

Similar to paint in that you have the basic option of no pattern, solid colored wallpaper allows DIYers to give their remodel the look of paint, but with the texture of wallpaper. Covering an entire room in wallpaper can also make large rooms feel smaller. Graham & Brown offers a variety of solid color wallpaper.

Just like the 1970’s, patterned wallpaper is making a huge comeback, and with its return comes endless design options. There may not be one particular trending wallpaper pattern that every consumer is going to flock towards. Instead of trying to order around a trend, have a couple of options of loud, colorful wallpaper, then mix up your selection with other patterns for every taste. Milton & King offers many options for wholesale including a muted black and gold herbarium antique wallpaper, which comes in multiple hues.

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