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Industry Data Drives Retailers’ Success

Data Drive Decisions

For over 100 years, the North American Hardware and Paint Association (NHPA) has surveyed home improvement operators throughout the U.S. to develop the benchmark report known as the Cost of Doing Business Study. Retailers have continually relied on the industry …

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3 Retailer Resources for Loss Prevention

retailer resources

Theft, fraud and shrinkage can wreak havoc on a business, with the 2021 National Retail Security Survey reporting that the average dollar loss increased from 2019 to 2020. The average loss for shoplifting was up 71%, and dollar loss from …

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A Bright Idea: Lighting Incentives 

lighting incentives

To encourage consumers to choose energy-efficient lighting products, several states have instituted energy-efficient lighting programs, including rebate, loan and tax-incentive programs. These lighting incentives offer everything from tax breaks and rebates for installing energy-efficient lighting to exchange programs to properly …

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Where to Start With Technology

dive technology

Growing up and working in the Bay Area of California, Eric Hassett has been surrounded by and interested in technology his whole life. He owns five Hassett Hardware stores in the Bay Area, each utilizing technology to make employees’ jobs …

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4 Resources to Implement a Workplace Wellness Program

workplace wellness

Getting sick is part of life. For retailers, sick or injured employees can lead to extra costs and a loss of productivity and efficiency. In 2019, the Integrated Benefits Institute found that illness-related work absences cost employers nearly $3,900 per …

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