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Where to Find Leadership Training Opportunities

This list of resources provides an overview of online and in-person leadership training programs available to home improvement retailers. This overview is not comprehensive, but is a starting point to help you understand the options available, both inside and outside …

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Getting Rid of Pesticides That May Kill Bees

Big box retailers and distributors serving independent businesses are moving away from selling chemicals that may harm honey bees–and McGuckin Hardware in Colorado is working to be a leader in the effort. The chemicals are called neonicotinoids, and are pesticides that kill …

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A Takeover and Revamp for Hensel’s Ace Hardware

Hensel’s Ace Hardware has taken an unusual approach to store layout, and owning two buildings in the heart of their city makes that possible. As the Arcata, California, business has grown, it has steadily moved into more of the town’s …

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