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Small but Mighty Sundries

With numerous paint products available to customers, don’t forget to educate customers about the smaller sundries that are also necessary to make a project successful. Because small sundries do not take up much space, consider merchandising them on or near the checkout counter for add-on sales. Placing these products in a visible location near checkout  reminds customers to purchase necessary products for their projects, and if the item is new or innovative, it provides a chance to educate customers on product options for future projects. 

Slobproof’s Touch-Up Paint Pens come in packs of two or five and feature a patent-pending air-tight design that keeps paint fresh inside the pen for at least seven years, twist-activated paint flow control that eliminates messes, drips and splatters, fine brush-tip for detailed painting and more.  


  • Color-matched touch-ups to scuffs and scratches on walls, trim, ceiling and doors
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Home decorating

Perfect Match’s Stain Marker can be filled with oil, lacquer or a water-based stain. Perfect Match also allows customers to customize the product with their brand if they wish, which can be a fantastic marketing tool.


  • Wood touch-ups of nicks and scratches on wood cabinets, furniture, doors, floors, moldings and all other wood surfaces 
  • Highlighting 
  • Detailing small hobby and craft projects
  • Any task where stain is applied to wood  

ERGO™’s Precision Paint Scraper with Dual-Component Handle features a two-component handle that provides enough space to scrape with both hands, a narrow front for a precision thumb grip and comes with a holster with an integrated clip. 


  • Scrapes paint from corners, windows, molding and small areas that are hard to reach with larger scrapers
  • Removes glue, varnish and rust off various surfaces

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