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September 2021 New Products

September New Products

GFCI Outlet and USB ChargerGFCI Outlet and USB Charger
Leviton’s SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI Combination Type-A USB In-Wall Charger meets the latest UL standard for auto-monitoring (self-test) by periodically conducting an automatic internal test to confirm that protected power is available. It features tamper-resistant shutters on the outlets and two 4.8 amp USB charging ports delivering 24W of total power with overcurrent protection. It is available in 15A and 20A models and is compatible with Decora® and Decora Plus™ screwless wallplates.

leviton.com or 800-323-8920

aromatherapy handshowerAromatherapy Handshower
The Aromatheraphy Handshower by Moen features patented INLY™ technology that allows capsules to infuse essential oils directly into the shower water. The six-function showerhead includes a 60-inch kink-free metal hose and the Magnetix Docking System which has a flow rate of 1.75 GPM, meeting EPA WaterSense® criteria.

moen.com or 800-289-6636

LED flashlightMultifunction LED Flashlight
Ecboo™’s Outdoor Zoom Multifunction LED Flashlight provides up to 60 lumens of light and features a glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, fast flashing strobe mode, red flashing strobe mode, a nut wrench, a precision screwdriver, scissors, a knife blade and a can and bottle opener.

ecboo.com or sales@ecboo.com

Bathroom CleanerBathroom Cleaner
Diamond Shine™ Bathroom Cleaner removes hard water stains and limescale from shower doors, toilets, plumbing fixtures, countertops and bathtubs. It can restore porcelain and fiberglass tubs to a like-new finish and has a soft wintergreen scent.

Diamond Shine
diamondshinecleaner.com or 833-444-7224

finishing screwsFinishing Screws
SPAX® PowerTrim™ Finishing Screws feature patented serrations for faster, easier driving and a unique 4CUT™ point that eliminates the need for pre-drilling. They’re made of carbon steel with a high corrosion resistance dual barrier coating and have a T-STAR plus drive within a cylindrical head.

Altenloh, Brinck & Co. U.S. Inc.
spax.us or 419-636-5715

Mara Kirby-Garcia“The Cobra Mist stand is easy and fast to install. It begins cooling in seconds. They are great for get-togethers, keeping pets cool or everyday activities outside. With our recent heat waves, they are a must!”
—Mara Kirby-Garcia, Co-Owner, Kinney Bros. & Keele True Value

mist standPortable Mist Stand
Orbit’s Flex Cobra Personal Mist Cooling Sprayer uses only 1.5 gallons per hour and can lower temperatures up to 20 degrees by delivering an evaporative mist wherever it is positioned. It can also add extra humidity to the air in greenhouses and uses only a faucet and a hose—no wires, plugs or cords required.

Orbit Irrigation Products
orbitonline.com or 800-488-6156

flea and tick yard sprayFlea and Tick Yard Spray
Skout’s Honor all natural Flea + Tick Yard Spray is formulated with natural peppermint and cedarwood oil to eliminate fleas and ticks on contact (including their larvae and eggs) and repel mosquitoes in an area up to 5,000 square feet. It repels for up to two weeks when used as directed and is safe for pets, family and home.

Skout’s Honor
skoutshonor.com or 877-805-0399

pop-up power outletPop-Up Power Outlet
SHADOW Electric Pop-Up Power by Mockett features a wireless charger on top and quietly raises and lowers to provide access to additional AC power outlets as well as USB charging outlets. The wireless charger operates in both open and closed positions. It includes an anti-pinch sensor to protect fingers or other objects from getting caught in the cap when closing.

Doug Mockett & Co.
mockett.com or 800-523-1269

beef jerkyCraft-Made Beef Jerky
Soldier Boy Beef Jerky is a veteran-owned company making premium meat snacks using tested family recipes. The jerky is made using a slow smoke process with all-natural spice blends. Sales of Soldier Boy Beef Jerky support K9s For Warriors.

Soldier Boy Beef Jerky
sbjerky.com or 855-725-3759

rebar tying toolRebar Tying Tool
The TWINTIER® RB611T ties #5 x #5 to #9 x #10 rebar combinations faster and more safely than hand tying. An enclosed magazine protects the tie wire and internal mechanism from debris. It dispenses the precise amount of wire needed, reducing wire usage and waste, thereby cutting production costs.

maxusacorp.com or 800-223-4293

fuel canFlow-Control Gas Can
Scepter® SmartControl™ fuel containers feature a simple spout and flame mitigation device. The squeeze-controlled flow rate makes filling everything from lawn mowers to recreational vehicles cleaner and safer. SmartControl gas cans are available in 1-gallon, 2-gallon and 5-gallon sizes.

scepter.com or 855-857-3252

bath waste lineBath Waste Line
Dearborn®’s True Blue® FLEX is a flexible and adjustable tubing that serves as an alternative to rigid PVC designed to overcome residential and commercial jobsite obstructions such as floor joints, misaligned and offset drains and severely sloped walls. It is available in 16-inch and 24-inch lengths and is made with integrated locking features that reduce the number of tools needed for installation.

oatey.com or 800-843-7584

customizable outletCustomizable Outlet
Installed using existing wiring, Swidget’s 20A smart-ready outlet accepts Swidget Smart Inserts for control, additional functionality and real-time power monitoring. It can be used with heavy-duty appliances and is suitable for kitchens, workshops, laundry rooms and more. Inserts are available for Wi-Fi control, air quality, temperature, humidity, USB charging, motion sensing and more.

swidget.com or 855-202-1144

flux-core wire welderFlux-Core Wire Welder
The Forney Easy Weld 140FC-i is a portable flux-core wire welder. It features infinite voltage and wire feed speed control. It uses a 140-amp output and .030-inch flux-core wire that allows users to weld up to ¼ inch of mild steel. The Easy Weld 140 FC-i does not require gas and runs off standard household power with a 20-amp breaker.

Forney Industries
forneyind.com or 800-521-6038

tool bagMolded Base Bags
Constructed with 1680D ballistic polyester and extra webbing around the pockets and handles, CLC Molded Base Bags offer extra strength to hold heavy tools. The molded bottom base is attached with double-stitched tape binding and the bags include a padded shoulder strap, ergonomic carrying handles, large metal zipper pulls, heavy-duty hardware and multiple pocket arrangements for tool organization.

Custom LeatherCraft
goclc.com or 800-325-0455

tape measureTape Measure
Kapro’s 510 Optivision™ Tape Measure series features a double-printed blade for horizontal and vertical reading and marking. Its triple-colored oversized dual-scale (imperial and metric) gradation provides clear reading in all conditions. It includes a 10-foot drop-tested polycarbonate casing, an impact-resistant mechanism, a nylon-coated carbon-steel abrasion-resistant blade, magnets on a double-sided end hook for measurement stability and an auto-lock mechanism. It is available in 10-foot (3m), 16-foot (5m) and 26-foot (8m) lengths.

Kapro Tools
kapro.com or 920-648-2900

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