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Retailers' Choice 58th

See the 2023 Retailers’ Choice Winners

For the past 57 years, the Retailers’ Choice Awards have brought insights from independent retailers on the best products on display at the 2023 National Hardware Show.

The awards, presented by the North American Hardware and Paint Association during the show in Las Vegas, honor manufacturers for their innovation.

The Retailers’ Choice Awards differ from most award programs in that they rely on the opinions of actual retailers who know what their colleagues need in a product to attract customers. The judges were all independent home improvement retailers who walked the show floor and selected products they felt were unique and interesting.

This year’s panel included:

  • Tiffany Baum, City Mill Company
  • Phil Groff, PaulB Hardware
  • Seth Hanson, Hansons Hardware
  • Marianne Hanson, Hansons Hardware
  • Adam Gunnett, Busy Beaver Home Improvement Centers
  • Alexandria Lavaroni, Treat’s General Store
  • Lisa Laverty, Capps Home Building Center

Read on to discover the products retailers felt had the most potential to excite customers and boost sales in their operation.

Miter Saw Protractor
109 Tool’s Smart Protractor can rotate 360 degrees to measure and find any internal or external angle. Suitable for most materials or surfaces, the protractor can provide measurement angle value dimension on the scale and four different miter cut values next to the scale. The Smart Protractor shows precision within 0.03 degrees of measurement error and can be used when installing crown moldings, pipes, steel frames and more.
109 Tools | 109tools.kr

Flood Bags
Quick Dam Flood Bags help divert flood water to prevent costly flood damage. They contain a super absorbent powder that swells and gels water, creating a barrier to contain, control or divert problem water. Stack Quick Dam Flood Bags in front of doorways, garages or anywhere else to block water.
Absorbent Specialty Products LLC | quickdams.com

Bucket System
The ALLWAY® Hightower Telescopic Bucket System includes a wheeled tripod painting and wallcovering tool with adjustable height, eliminating the need for bending up and down to retrieve paint. The tripod attaches to an innovative roller paint bucket—both of which are included in the Hightower Telescopic Bucket System. The paint bucket features a paint roller slope, magnetic paint brush holder and detachable tool holder.
Paint Bucket System | allwaytools.com

Paint Can Sealer
The SEALZ-IT is a two-piece solution to one major problem—resealing paint cans after initial use. Due to the paint that remains in the reservoir at the top of the can, resealing paint cans leads to a mess. The SEALZ-IT eliminates this issue by eliminating the reservoir. It is simple to use, inexpensive and eco-friendly.
Clean Can Solutions LLC | wesavepaint.com

Collapsible Cooler
Made with thick, leak-proof insulation, the Pacifica Collapsible Cooler is perfect for chilling beverages and food. Pop the cooler up when you need it and collapse it flat for easy stowing when you don’t. Designed with the Earth in mind, the Pacifica Collapsible Cooler is made from recycled materials.
CleverMade | clevermade.com

Antislip Coatings
EZ No Slip™ products are nontoxic, eco-friendly anti-slip solutions originally developed for and used in industrial and commercial applications. They are now available for the home and business in easy-to-use DIY kits for the bathtub, shower, floor, steps, carpet, safety handles, ladders and anything else you need a good grip on—especially when wet. The DIY kits feature the coating, a tray and an applicator, and the coating is easily applied.
Engineered Protective Coatings LLC | eznoslip.com

Misting and Drinking Bottle Cap
The GOMIST Complete Bottle is the all-in-one solution for hydration and cooling on the go. The perfect accessory for anybody who wants to stay cool outside, this powerful hybrid misting cap has threads that fit many of the most popular bottles on the market. Users simply need to push the button on the cap to select a speed to enjoy a continuous cloud of ultra-fine refreshing mist.
Extreme Mist PCS LLC | extrememist.com

Garden Hose
The Gardien® Coil-Flex™ anti-kink garden hose with Grip-n-Spin™ fittings was engineered to be the most hassle-free premium garden hose in the market. It is super lightweight, ultra-durable, drinking-water safe and flexible in all weather. The innovative anti-kink Coil-Flex™ helix provides true nonstop full flow while maintaining low recoil memory for easy unwinding and lie-flat handling. Added convenience comes in the form of 360-degree Grip-n-Spin™ fittings which allow free-spinning rotation from the collar for easy handling when the hose is on and pressurized. When the hose is depressurized, pushing the collar up will engage coupling, creating an ergonomic wrench-like grip to easily screw or unscrew from the spigot and nozzle.
Gardien® Products | gardienproducts.com

The LevrUp Canopy uses Levr Lock™ Technology, featuring an easy-to-use lever that allows an individual to quickly set up and break down without the need for additional help. It includes a roll-top storage bag with a large mouth opening that can cinch, sturdy roller wheels and pull handles for ease of portability.
GCI Outdoor | gcioutdoor.com

Plant-Based Lubricant
Gear Hugger Multipurpose Lubricant is a new plant-based, nontoxic, multipurpose lubricant with three times the lubricating power of petroleum-based products protecting against rust and corrosion. It is made of biodegradable ingredients and leaves no toxic residue behind. It has more than 1,001 uses and is perfect for the home, the outdoors, adventure and more.
Gear Hugger | gear-hugger.com

Travel Bar
The Gerstner Aficionado Travel Bar is made from premium quarter-sawn white oak, trimmed with high-grade hardware and lined with genuine cork. It has a two-bottle carrying capacity and also features a cigar drawer made with humidor-grade Spanish Cedar, two more drawers and a top storage area great for related accessories—whiskey glasses, cigar cutters, bottle openers, tongs, a shaker, or whatever else you would like to bring along.
Gerstner & Sons | gerstnerusa.com

Perfect for cleaning the entire household, The Pink Stuff Ultimate Cleaning Bundle includes The Miracle Cleaning Paste, a mild-abrasive, multipurpose cleaner that deep cleans all kinds of dirty surfaces; The Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner, a versatile spray cleaner that works great for quick cleaning sessions; The Miracle Cream Cleaner, a multipurpose product that’s a less-abrasive version of the paste; and The Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner, a nondrip foam cleaner for bathroom surfaces like showers, bathtubs and sinks.
GSD Distribution LLC | thepinkstuff.com

Ladder Leveling Platform
The Ladder-Aide PRO leveling platform for extension ladders is the go-to tool for painters and handymen to safely use ladders on stairs. With its all-steel construction, rubber soles, anti-skid surface and locking pins in place for added stability, the Ladder-Aide PRO can support Type III to Type I-AA extension ladders.
Ideal Security Inc.| idealprotools.com

LED Light
This Folding Shop Light produces 6,000 lumens and provides efficient and flexible bright illumination in a small form. It features dual independently adjustable panels that rotate up to 90 degrees to direct light exactly where desired. Each light lasts up to 25,000 hours—delivering bright, reliable illumination.
KMS LLC |kmswholesale.com

Raised Planter Bed
The Flexible Raised Planter Bed has 10 ½-inch high walls that can lift a garden more than edging can, but retain bendability, allowing for flowing curves and irregular shapes. The planter is made with a stained, rot-resistant cedar façade and a sturdy steel sheeted back to preserve longevity. Its dovetail joints make assembly infinitely and easily expandable.
Merry Products Corp.| merryproducts.com

Electric Motor
The Climb-N-Go™ is an electric motor that can be installed on all Metaltech® Baker-type scaffolds. Equipped with a powerful electric motor, it is powered by the energy of an 18- to 21-volt battery from one of the six largest brands in the industry. Compact, light and easy to install, workers can move around at height in a safe way, and the motor eliminates the need to get off the scaffold to move it.
Metaltech-Omega Inc.| metaltech.co

Moving Dolly
The Rhino Cart all-terrain mover is the most rugged all-terrain moving cart on the market. It’s a heavy-duty moving dolly specifically designed to conquer thresholds, uneven surfaces and even hard-packed dirt and gravel. The telescoping frame easily adapts to move items from 6 inches to 46 inches wide while the nonmarking wheels protect floors. The perfect option for moving heavy appliances, gun safes, furniture and building materials, the Rhino Cart all-terrain mover can carry up to 2,000 pounds and is made in the U.S.
Midwest Innovative Products | rhinocart.com

Eco Line
Our Brand Factory’s HIP Food Storage & Cutlery line is made from Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP), abandoned plastic waste on its way to our oceans, which is a critical element in the fight against ocean pollution. Moka by HIP are cups made from repurposed coffee grounds and husks that would otherwise be discarded and PP material, and Suga by HIP are bottles made from sugarcane stalks that would otherwise be discarded.
Mr. Bar-B-Q Products LLC | ourbrandfactory.com

Collapsible Plant Tent
The new Pest Guard Animal & Bug Covers are patented pop-open covers that provide instant protection for plants, vegetables, fruit and flowers from damage caused by rabbits, deer, birds, rodents, bugs and insects. They are made exclusively of heavy gauge mesh and have the strength to repel pests and hail, while allowing sunlight, rainwater and air to penetrate, which is critical for healthy growth. It comes in five sizes from 22 inches to 54 inches from the ground.
NuVue Products | nuvueproducts.com

Bucket Lid
The Airscape® Bucket Insert is the ultimate bulk storage solution. Designed to fit snugly inside standard 5-gallon buckets, or any bucket with an 11 9/10-inch diameter, this insert maximizes storage capacity while ensuring maximum freshness. It’s ideal for storing large amounts of coffee, BBQ pellets, pet food, hops and more. You can even use it for bokashi composting.
Planetary Design | planetarydesign.com

Roller Brush
The Rite-Grip Roller Brush was designed by DIYers, for DIYers. It provides numerous benefits including replacement parts, accessories and more. The Rite-Grip Roller Brush allows users to paint with a natural hand position and with an extension handle or any standard extension pole while achieving professional results—since the frame attaches on both sides of the cover allowing painters to apply equal pressure which leads to better results in less time. The main handle is interchangeable, which allows painters to customize their Rite-Grip Roller Brush to fit their needs.
Rite-Grip | ritegriprollerbrush.com

Repair Patch
Rapidly repair damaged drywall and plasterboard walls without the hassle with the Perfect Wall Patch. Its tension bolt tool creates a stable work surface, allowing the wall plate to quickly and easily maneuver into place and stay there. Once installed, this plate provides a stable backing to the spackling compound with an easy three-step application. The result is a smooth texture and a seamless surface in as little time as possible.
SD Home Products | sdhomeproducts.com

Dustless Saw
The Sirocco Dustless Saw features an integrated vacuum system that effectively captures sawdust during operation, reducing the typical sawdust dispersal associated with conventional table saws. This allows for a more focused and tidy working experience. The use of advanced lightweight materials and engineering techniques makes the product highly maneuverable and ergonomically optimized, allowing for extended use without causing undue strain or fatigue.
Sirocco | siroccodustless.com

Robotic Mower
The Sunseeker Robotic Mower is ultra-quiet, easy to set up and controlled on the Robotic Mower App. This mower is equipped with antislip wheels, float-cutting technology, auto-stop safety features and rain sensors. It senses obstacles and can twist to avoid them and continue mowing. The blades deliver a cutting width of 8 7/10 inches. Grass clippings fall back into the ground resulting in a greener, healthier yard.
Sunseeker US Inc. | wildbadgerpower.com

Patio Heater
The all-new stainless steel Big Timber Patio Heater is made in the U.S. and designed to not only produce radiant heat but to also provide a beautiful fire for family and friends to watch. The wood pellet patio heater requires no electricity—the heater’s flame is powered by gravity and the draft from the stove pipe.
Timber Stoves | woodpelletproducts.com

Twist Ties
TwistedGOAT Industrial Twist Ties are designed to secure almost anything and have a 500-pound Tensile Strength rating. They feature a patented three-wire braided design, stainless steel end clamps and nylon over molded caps and are covered by TwistedGOAT’s Non-Slip GOAT Grip. They provide an extra pair of hands to DIYers, construction workers, truck owners, outdoorsmen and more.
TwistedGOAT | twistedgoat.com

The Smarter Hook
The Smarter Hook® has over 100 uses and is made of plastic that needs no tape, Velcro or nails to use. It is sturdy, durable, lightweight and compact and can hold up to 14 pounds. It comes in more than six colors and can be used with grocery carts, wheelchairs, strollers and more.
VinYvet Enterprises Inc. | thesmarterhook.com

Portable Dog Run
Let your dog run (almost) free with the Timber Ridge® Portable Dog Run. This dog run is designed for easy setup and teardown wherever you are. It features a 36-foot dog cable and a 6-foot rope—both with two steel buckles for secure attachments to give your dog plenty of space to run and play. When it’s time to go, it fits in the included carry bag for ideal transportation and storage.
Westfield Outdoor Inc. | westfieldoutdoors.com

The Pet Gazebo
The portable, lightweight and easy-to-assemble PET GAZEBO® fits seamlessly into any home, outdoor entertaining area or campsite. Available in a neutral Earth Taupe canopy, with five additional canopy colors offered to match any personality or home interior, THE PET GAZEBO® assembles in minutes using zero tools. Equipped with a spring-loaded, pet-proof lock and drop-down window paneling, the PET GAZEBO® offers pet owners peace of mind when constructed indoors or out. The PET GAZEBO® suits every dog during every life stage and is available in four sizes to accommodate any breed size: 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot and 8 foot.
Win World International Trade | petgazebo.com

Wine Grasp
The wineGrasp® is a stemmed glassware holder that solves the problem of where to set a top-heavy stemmed glass when the hands need to be free to Grasp the Good Times™. The sturdy spring and rubber padded grips allow wineGrasp to firmly grip surfaces up to 1 inch thick and safely hold a glass with 10 ounces of fluid. The wineGrasp is made in the U.S. and can be used with wine glasses, martini glasses, margarita glasses and even champagne flutes.
WineGrasp | winegraspco.com

Valve Cover
The TapCap Decorative Valve Cover installs over ugly toilet and sink shut-off valves—covering their dirty, rusty and paint-splattered appearance. The magnetic handle installs with ease and can rotate the valve on or off. It installs without tools and water shut-off and fits over angled valves that are tight to the wall or up to 6 inches away. It is available in white, chrome, brushed nickel and matte-black finishes.
Zone Industry Corporation | zoneindustrycorp.com

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