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Reaching New Heights With Step Stools and Ladders

In 2018, the ladder market was valued at $3.93 billion and is projected to hit $5.02 billion by 2025, according to the Global Ladder Market research report that was released in 2019 by 360 Market Updates. For retailers, a well-developed ladder category can lead to a share in the growth. 

Now is a good time to fine-tune inventory since fall often signals an increase in demand for ladders and step stools as customers become preoccupied with holiday preparation and fall cleanup. And, thanks to a healthy market, there is a ladder or step stool designed for every job a homeowner may have from common household projects like hanging curtains, trimming trees, cleaning gutters, and painting to less frequent chores like reaching high storage spaces or accessing attic space for once-a-year items. 

Here are just a few examples of step stools and ladders that were built for the job at hand: 

9-inch Folding Step Stool: Not everyone has a lot of space to store a stepladder, nor do they need something to get them beyond an upper shelf. The 9-inch Folding Step Stool from Core Pacific gives users just enough boost to grab out-of-reach items, and then folds flat for convenient storage. The sturdy, slip-resistant construction increases job safety.

L305P 30×60 Wood Attic Ladder: This single-use, built-in ladder from Louisville Ladder’s Louisville Big Boy Series has a 350-pound load capacity. It features extra-deep reinforced steps, adjustable spring, ergonomic T-handle and easy-hang steps. 

Kerry Kart: Not every ladder has a single purpose. This four-in-one cart can be a hand truck, dolly, flatbed cart or a step ladder with a few easy adjustments and no tools, saving users money and space. The flatbed cart can carry heavy loads and easily adjusts into a 3-step ladder when needed. The Kerry Kart is available in four colors: black, red, green and pewter.

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